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Comments on song "Anjaana Anjaani"
souka swetty on August 07, 2010
cool vedio i can't wait for this movie
Abhilasha on August 07, 2010
Luv ranbir and PC, luv the song, cant wait for the movie
Saharsaifullah on August 07, 2010
i lovvvve ranbir.. he is a sweetheart!!!!!
dying 2 watch da muvie...priyanka is gud 2..
arslan145 on August 07, 2010
I will watch this movie just because of priyanka, ranbir is ok but priyanka
is the best :)
potterbond007 on August 07, 2010
an ok ok song.. not too catchy..
noxiousnirvana on August 07, 2010
they marked the trailer as private ... lmao . EPIC FAIL
djthugsta on August 08, 2010
are you ppl deaf, this song is so catchy, it sounds like something the
black eyed peas would make, really good song. Sounds very british pop band
tecnocutie on August 09, 2010
bakwass full to bakwass...kya bakwass song hai..
56789061 on August 09, 2010
really a very rocking song.i loved it..
a123456 on August 11, 2010
gosh.wat is this aa aa ee ee.
mailtoabhik on August 11, 2010
same stereotype copy film .ranbir lookin good
desigal88 on August 11, 2010
disappointing. And usually the promos are better than the movie. What is
Priyanka wearing? Looks so cheap. The background dancers are dressed better
than her...she usually has better taste!
redshoes555 on August 11, 2010
Priyanka is certainly showing off her fantstic figure!
spotruchi on August 11, 2010
haha nice song, Nik sounds good diff...but good :)
Surbhi158 on August 11, 2010
nothing spectacular..just average
tikkk22 on August 11, 2010
this song is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, ranbir n priyanka u rock
hope this movie is a blockbuster
good luck
bulllsize on August 11, 2010
why is Priyanka acting like a guy..something is wrong
bulllsize on August 11, 2010
@redshoes555 figure of stud..she seems to be on steroids...
llJ613Pll on August 11, 2010
its not instantly catchy but with a couple of hearings, you start to like
it. now its stuck in my head.. "all the anjaanas say yea yea yea, all the
anjaanis say yea yea yea" lol. the song is the kind that grows on you
Kaptan Hindustan on August 12, 2010
awesome song reminds me of abba era with a contemporary feel
pranaydeep21 on August 12, 2010
Bollywood it @ its peak right now!
But do Check out my videos for indian hip hop!
kakarzone on August 12, 2010
the chorus is copied from britney spears song brave new girl
anroks15 on August 13, 2010
Where do I download it from ? :S
mimojani on August 13, 2010
loooooove this song!
BollyCreations on August 13, 2010
love love love this .
ranbir and priyanka too . ; D
641044 on August 14, 2010
dhoomachaleyaar on August 15, 2010
love dis song n its been in my mind since d day i saw official trailor on
tele. lov to c dis movie n u nvr know if i find ny aanjaana in theater
iron232 on August 15, 2010
Looks Brill!!!
Samara on August 16, 2010
this movie looks all about sx... bad choice priyanka
Naveen Kumar on August 17, 2010
i think tht this movie gonna be a hit or flop with priyanka u never know
whats gonaa hit or flop
SuperTgirl123 on August 17, 2010
this movie looks sooo good can't wait!
FootLooseify on August 18, 2010
Another song inspired by American musician, check out "Time of My Life".
krunsss0wnz on August 18, 2010
@88ch88ay ill kiss u
krunsss0wnz on August 18, 2010
@brat2600 shut up she looks hot yaar..
trinisg123 on August 18, 2010
love priyanka!!!! my hero :D
Mustafa Amiri on August 19, 2010
nice songs but 7 dislikes 7 persons should be gun shot
Veena0984 on August 19, 2010
can someone please tell me the name of ths song?? im looking for the full song
nell221291 on August 19, 2010
@Veena0984 it'sanjaana anjaani
tanya buzz on August 19, 2010
@Veena0984 anajana anjani thats song's name
brat2600 on August 19, 2010
@mizindia LOL um no, actually i agree kat is overrated & mostly only popular for being half white HOWEVER her chemistry with ranbir is amazing. besides she's better than priyanka.. that chick does not have a smidge of class in her
limasdude on August 20, 2010
awesomeness!! <3
Samara on August 20, 2010
i cant find the song anywhere!
BollyPrincess09 on August 20, 2010
I'm watching this movie in theater cause its releasing on my birthday! Yayy!!
Kamie K on August 21, 2010
@divatashi u can try :) They usually have the movie
songs up to date especially
Kronos-G on August 21, 2010
Interesting...ranbir is always an amazing actor, and so is priyanka...just
slappy9738 on August 21, 2010
dats a nice movie musicdoze,com
Shreya Sant on August 22, 2010
yuck! luk @ his shirt!
Saurabh Chaudhary on August 22, 2010
its nice song.
Rahul kothari on August 22, 2010
kya faadu gaana hai, seriously are we out of words for lyircs or wat??
Hello Yah on August 22, 2010
♥♥♥love it
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