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Comments on song "Baabuji Dhire Chalanaa, Pyaar Men Zaraa Sanbhalanaa"
KingOfShows on June 13, 2006
fantastic, you made my day
Ka S on December 05, 2006
This is a classic song! What i don't understand is why it is tagged under
Asha Bhonsle. This was sung by Geeta Dutt.
studpup on December 05, 2006
i tagged it under geeta dutt, but also under asha and lata because some
people search for it under those tags. when they come to the file, they can
read the commentary that correctly says it is sung by geeta dutt... i
assume you read that too.
bringbackthe90s on December 12, 2006
took me back years
jabardast78 on January 04, 2007
Amazingly wonderful song, absolutely evergreen!!! A marvellous combination of different beats in a single song!!!
shanali1986 on January 28, 2007
so lovely veido for songs lovers. you tub is the best.
Tenderness6 on January 28, 2007
This is one of my favourite numbers of my beloved Geeta Dutt. Thanks a lot!
Friedrich from Holland
sds1943 on February 22, 2007
Fantastic tune that this song has however it was pleagiarised from a
Spanish song written in 1947 by the Cuban son-writer Osvaldo Farres (Quizas
Quizas Quizas). It is famous in english as Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps. Both
are available in youtube.
AcrobaticSpunk on February 27, 2007
Lovely little tune - Who is the actress?
Desifiedgrl on February 28, 2007
It is such a nice song omg i also like the way Amrita did it in Filmfare too
umairtoparis on February 28, 2007
i love this song
indiasia78 on March 18, 2007
love tis song but "Babuji Dheere Chalna" is taken again by the film "Saalam e Ishq (2006).
Ka S on May 11, 2007
Please do not compare this song with Quizas Quizas. This song is much more
superior with lot more intricate details. Quizas Quizas is a lot more
simple song!
MisMoney on May 12, 2007
I remember this song! I loved how the girl performed the song at the Filmfare. It was amazing!
deep388 on May 20, 2007
great song...who is the actress is the question I must ask indeed?
CleopatraUK on May 26, 2007
Guru Dutt was a genius man. You can't just see anyone like him these days.
It's sad he committed suicide after a failed affair with Waheeda Rehman
silent-skies on June 10, 2007
very nice song.
madanmohanjoshi on June 15, 2007
Actress is Shakila... the song sung by guru datt's wife Geeta datt. an immortal song and a gem of hindi cinema.
yoursvivek on June 24, 2007
Geeta Dutt had an identity of her own. Don't belittle her by making her achievements look like she owes them to someone else.

PS: No offenses meant.
thehappiestman on June 24, 2007
Item song of Old Era...Nice one...
passion689 on June 26, 2007
This song has a class of its own. Thx.
Gregory Mihut on July 06, 2007
simplemente good melody!
man from philly on July 08, 2007
what a voice!
stormvixen on July 14, 2007
very very nice : )
rtkirani on July 18, 2007
" Geeta Dutt was thandi hawa and kaali ghata rolled into one. The moment
she came, you got the refreshing feeling of aa hi gayi jhoom ke. There was
a rare swing in her voice. She hit you like a thunderclap. Among her other
hits this is one of her best.
havefun09 on July 23, 2007
i hate all the crappy songs they have today. these kinda songs sound so sweet and classic, that they'll never lose their beauty. IT'S NOT FAIR THAT I WAS BORN INTO AN ERA OF CRAPPY MUSIC!!! (it's not all bad, those few years with devdas, paheli, parineeta was it's back to the annoying noise that bollywood calls music- and that himesh reshammiya i cant stand!!)
rtkirani on August 01, 2007
The Movie is "Aar Paar"
sherry1612 on August 21, 2007
lovely song ,melodious voice
June G on September 19, 2007
Very nice song. Thanks for posting.
PyarKePal on October 15, 2007
Nice Old Song ,,,, Good Post ty.
Debodinno Mitra on October 31, 2007
This song is a copy of Doris day's "Perhaps perhaps perhaps' .Search
youtube for doris day - perhaps perhaps
swati King on December 11, 2007
wahhhhhh ji wahhhhhhh
switgaul13 on December 14, 2007
Love the song! it's really good! I really like hearing this kind of songs! Great ! thanks for this
artfuloner on December 15, 2007
you have got to love this one! a classic! lovely...
JoyDevivre on February 21, 2008
Nope, not really. I just heard the Nat King Cole version of "Perhaps.."
that Branajoy referred to. There's a very slightt resemblance - which may
be more about the songs being of the same genre. I think it's outrageous to
call it a copy based on that.
kevsmit00 on March 01, 2008
Geeta Dutt's voice is very nice
megha.doc on March 28, 2008
pretty song, great singing and voice by Geeta Dutt. original is nice. the
one is cheeni kum and this are so similar, but personally I like this one
videogaga79 on March 29, 2008
there is a big similarity though not complete... great research by branajoy above
this process is certainly not unheard of in bollywood
Shivanibollywoodfan on May 07, 2008
it's a nice song
lol I'd luv it even more if I knew what she's talking about!
whoisdaboss on May 10, 2008
1st two lines means..."walk slowly and take care in love! there can b big
cheats in love!" dont ask me anymore...lolz!
Shivanibollywoodfan on May 13, 2008
lol thanks I wasn't expecting that lol
footballfan98 on May 19, 2008
can some one please tell me the film of this song???
bolly1luver on May 20, 2008
thnx soooo much 4 commenting! i h8 it when pplz say all dose things...deey
r criticizing dere own industry!
Debodinno Mitra on May 29, 2008
UsherRed on June 05, 2008
"Aar Paar" (1954) with Guru Dutt, Shyama, etc. :)
mubibjaffery on June 28, 2008
beauty ful song...oop
n1ghtv1s10n20 on July 07, 2008
An awesome song, loved the lyrics, since its true nowadays.
viraasat222 on July 22, 2008
can sum1 plze translate the lyrics 4 me, thanx in advance =)
jaswinder ahluwalia on July 25, 2008
yes indeed ...the million dollar question...still unresolved after 50 years
who copied whom ? OP Nayar copied Nat king Cole or vice versa
JoyDevivre on August 09, 2008
Nonsense! It has absolutely no resemblance to the song. As I said earlier,
it's more about belonging to the same genre than one being the copy of
another. Can't an Indian composer be inspired by Eastern European music
without being accused of plagiarism? This is totally absurd.
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