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Comments on song "Babul Jo Tumne Sikhaya Jo Tum Se Paya"
Jabina C on February 11, 2008
always makes me cry..
siddharthatri007 on February 16, 2008
realy this song make me cry.
micky1258 on February 20, 2008
Yaa I have same feeling as you also..
pinkglitz390 on February 27, 2008
im gnna cry!!
harvin89 on March 13, 2008
my sis gettin marry soon o god
1life1love on March 25, 2008
What is the meaning of throwing the white thing in the big plate over her
head? What is the white thing she is throwing?
un4getablefriend on March 25, 2008
its rice. its something to do with rice harvesting thingie. when she knocks
the rice when she comes to her husbands house, it means its a new start.
rice growing, new life. nice imagination i guess
1life1love on March 25, 2008
Ohhhh.That is interesting. Cool..I learned something new. LOL.
Aishwarya Rai on March 25, 2008
she is throwing rice
un4getablefriend on March 25, 2008
throwing raw, white rice as she parts from the home where she grew up to
start a new phase of her life. This part of the marriage ceremony is called
arshi24 on April 05, 2008
it means that evn afta the marriage ,.,the girls leavin her home .,,.bt she wishes that evrybdy shld be happy and she leaves her happiness behind,.,.
AksheeShadow on June 02, 2008
I think you throw rice because the girl is considered the goddess of
wealth(laxmi) for the family and so when she leaves she leaves all the
wealth and good luck dat was conected with at her home in form of the raw
white rice and takes a small amount with her tied in her saree which before
she enters her new home she throws in n then do all the customs :)
AksheeShadow on June 02, 2008
I dislike vidai songs they make me go so sad :(
chushmush on June 05, 2008
its such a EMOTIONAL song every girl should understand this :( films gr8 2
guyanarocks on June 20, 2008
it is one of my best indian song and wedding songs i watch it every week. it is great. i like it.
nayyarz on July 05, 2008
what movie is this beautiful song from
nayyarz on July 05, 2008
omg this is hum apke hai kaun how come i dont remeber this song
dragun39 on July 16, 2008
When they released the songs back then, they probably didn't put this on the audio tape. I don't remember hearing this either.
Deepika Vaid on July 24, 2008
this song is from "hum aapke hain koun".
Deepika Vaid on July 24, 2008
i love this song. whenever i listen to it i think about myself. it shows
the INDIAN culture. thanks for uploading this song.
sonu81080 on July 26, 2008
such a touchy song reminds me of the time i was leaving my parents to come to my hubby's place wht pains to be taken to begin a new life i love this song makes me cry always
guyanarocks on August 01, 2008
it is so much sadder when your at the wedding.
that's why i do not what to see that part of the wedding. it makes me cry.
kahooli1 on August 28, 2008
I miss my parent's home soo much now..Wish i could go back!!
Sheela Kalra on August 31, 2008
this songs makes every girl remember her wedding.when she has to leave her
parents house to start a new beginning
hannahwhatup on September 12, 2008
i know! i got married this year.. but on the bright side my sasuural isn't
that bad.. and i have a great husband
hannahwhatup on September 12, 2008
i do.. it was in the movie
Ali on September 14, 2008
your a very fortunate woman then. stay happy =]
K.K AHMAD on September 15, 2008
I wish i was in this family so loving..
hannahwhatup on September 17, 2008
do u know, that my sasuural is just like this. It is so loving !
Fyza on September 19, 2008
wow...this song reminds me of my sister's wedding. i was crying rivers of
tears! miss her so much :(
Fyza on September 19, 2008
why is it always the girls who have to leave :(
Fyza on September 19, 2008
can someone explain to me why she throws the rice three times over her head?
priyankakhanna6666 on September 21, 2008
She throws rice because she is saying i am giving everythng back that her parents gave her
Missus Shah on September 22, 2008
trust me when i say i know how u feel...i had 4 older sisters...everytime i
was crying buckets...girls...waterproof mascara doesnt work xox
blingstababe on September 22, 2008
can some one upload this movie dying to watch it!!!..AGAIN
nikishagopee on September 26, 2008
this is my wedding sing...
kahooli1 on October 16, 2008
I miss my childhood with my parents, brother more and more when i watch
this song..I am abroad and feel like flying home to my parents now!!
neha.shah93 on November 03, 2008
i noe right soo sad
AksheeShadow on November 12, 2008
It is said that girls are the lakshmi of house(goddess of wealth) so when
she gets married it is believed as she is going away she gives as much as
she can back to her father's house so that the wealth and prosperity
remains after she is gone and takes one fist of grain tied in her saree.
When she enters the new home she is supposed to throw the grain in the
house before she enters or gently tupple the vessle full of rice grains
which implies wealth and prosperity in new home.
jotibains on November 20, 2008
wut r u waiting for?? so book a ticket.. go meet them :)
kahooli1 on November 21, 2008
Only if it was that yearly quota of flying is already over :-(
Komal on December 19, 2008
this is so sad but i luv this movie1 THNKX
afggal55 on December 20, 2008
omg , how CUTE!
Shivanathuni Satyanarayana on December 21, 2008
How nicely Rajshri presents culture and relations... audience will involve
as if it is happening in their home... Really great...
Soha Hamdani on December 22, 2008
its a very good and funloving film named HUM AAP KAY HAIN KAUN
handsome2430123 on December 31, 2008
this song makes me cry..reminds me of my elder sister's u didi!!
cnorth42 on January 05, 2009
god I feel like crying!
Zoahrulz on January 07, 2009
really good song, movie is good as well especially madhuri,she is
gorapup on February 01, 2009
i agree with you.they have wasted so many poor roses here.wasnt
Safiina1 on February 17, 2009
this song is soo sad it reminds me ov my sistaas weddin : (
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