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Comments on song "Chalte Chalte, Yuhi Koi Mil Gayaa Tha"
dangeegs on February 10, 2009
Video is very old but it is most popular, and very pleasent
barsakus on April 12, 2009
Meena Kumari looks so sweet and innocent!
Other parts of this move which were shot much later show a stark difference in her looks, get-up and appearance.

Music is outstanding, and so is Lata. Thank you for adding, ShemarooEnt
barsakus on April 14, 2009
Oh, absolutely - almost a decade.
zimshah2002 on May 05, 2009
The most inspiring video i liked in my life,because of its richness of cultural assets
wammik22 on May 06, 2009
watched the film today.. loved it... the films truth which was bitter but it exists,,,,
cordeliadoran99 on May 10, 2009
I am sweet. Lol. Very sad. I Love this song...Simply Classic..
cordeliadoran99 on May 10, 2009
This is gonna be me when I can't get my dream men...lolllllllll She
died so young. Ahhhh ahhh
cordeliadoran99 on May 10, 2009
Yes yes.I agree wid u totally
georgejenkins1 on May 25, 2009
I love this movie, I love this song! Trully a classic
rahilmrm on June 11, 2009
it is avery beauty full song include lyric & tune with pictursque.i told see & see again see law jawab geet hay
iceandfire212 on June 28, 2009
Excellent song... Haunting tune. Thank you, Lata!
syedyasirkamal on July 17, 2009
the beauty of Urdu language...
sydwestcliffe on July 23, 2009
my ma is from india, and i grew up listening to such songs, brings back so many memories mate...

cheers for sharing this .
shamza81 on July 28, 2009
wow i love this song beautiful..!!
checkoutmyprofile on July 30, 2009
Bollywood movies are so mezmorising~~
duskygal2010 on August 21, 2009
awesomeeeeee song!
every time i listen to it ,it touches ma heart
sscutellatus on August 25, 2009
very touching to see all this beutiful comments, jeeyo
kuul03 on August 25, 2009
song that describes the colours of life of meena kumari..
thewatermelonfan on September 02, 2009
they used to make real music in the olden days.
ansukla on September 10, 2009
I will rate this as one of the top 5 music albums ever in hf. The tracks are work of pure genius..this song is just absolutely out of the world. This song is sounds as current today as it was 50 years ago. I wish Ghulam Mohammad had got a chance to make more of such music. BTW lot of people think the tracks are composed by Naushad.
registrationannoys on September 15, 2009
Some sections of this song are fantastic.
NasTyBadBoy on September 18, 2009
what about her life that's colourful?
nastykurtbadboy on September 18, 2009
I love the color of these old movies. so bright and alive
pforpappu on September 21, 2009
I just love this song. The filming began in about 1950's but was stopped as Meena Kumari left the project and later completed in the late 1960's and the movie was released in the early 1970's and was her last movie.
hearts4life99 on September 27, 2009
my mum luvs this song
Karam Muppidi on September 30, 2009
my all time fav
Aroojiqbal Ahmed on October 01, 2009
oh the mugal era was the best
shakilm01 on October 04, 2009
I stopped watching hindi films when every other actor had a famous father/mother, uncle/auntie .. songs have become music videos .. costumes have become skimpier, we are now close to nudity .. music is now disposable .. gone are the days when MD's would take weeks to create the perfect tune .. now it's copied from the latest pop tune .. indian cinema has lost it's way
JayJei22 on October 04, 2009
Its a shame...its so throw away now at least there are the classics that remind us how it use to be...
alishak109 on October 08, 2009
wow i agree with you 100%. well said :)
omar3550 on October 10, 2009
haha thats exactly what I am saying! WOW thats deep for being a young american and understanding this because nowadays all bollywood wants to be is just like you - completely americanized.
JayJei22 on October 10, 2009
well i have been looking up different Bollywood films when I first saw Nimbooda...feat. Ash...from there it just got crazy lol and i feel in love with the VINTAGE ERA and greatly dislike the more popular culture...i am american but i really am memorized my the Indian Culture i think its so beautiful i even want to learn Kathak dance...its so awesome
NasTyBadBoy on October 12, 2009
Hi barsakus. What did u mean by "Other parts of this move which were shot
much later show a stark difference in her looks, get-up and appearance." ?
Was it obvious she got fatter? I never watch this film, don't think it's
available in my country. Over here they too obsess with latest hindi
movies. But i love the classic
NasTyBadBoy on October 12, 2009
why did she leave he project? Now i get it when nn barsakus said "Other
parts of this move which were shot much later show a stark difference in
her looks, get-up and appearance.". a decade passed surely changed
everything about her in so many ways
nastykurtbadboy on October 12, 2009
That's what i wanna know in my earlier question kuul03. Lol. How gr8 ?
nastykurtbadboy on October 12, 2009
well that summarized it up. Lol
pforpappu on October 12, 2009
She left the project as she was seperated from her husband, Kamal Amrohi
who was the director and also she had a drinking problem, which eventually
led to her death when the film was originally released.. But before her
death, she reunited with her husband and the film was completed and was
done in colour where as before it would be in black and white.
NasTyBadBoy on October 13, 2009
i totally agreed with bollywood is so americanized. In other words so
westernized. Almost losing its indian identity. What left maybe the
language still in hindi. The filmmakers are so biznez oriented they go to
the extent of betraying a true indian film. What a pity
NasTyBadBoy on October 13, 2009
hmmm almost went tragic. Fortunately it went fine in the final years of her
life. At least she passed away happy (hope so) . She managed to straighten
her life. Thank u for ur brief summary
pforpappu on October 13, 2009
Its my pleasure. By the way, Meena Kumari was also known as "The Tragedy
Queen" because ofthe roles she played.
pforpappu on October 13, 2009
You should watch "Umrao Jaan" from the 1980's which starred Rekha. This was one of her most memorable roles ever. Also she was able to carry out her role brilliantly.
So watch the previous verison of "Umrao Jaan" with Rekha and you will see a vast amount of difference between that version and the new one.
NasTyBadBoy on October 14, 2009
Dear God, no wonder her real life was almost tragic !
filza18pk on October 15, 2009
is Rekha version on youtube
pforpappu on October 15, 2009
I think it is but you may need to search for it.
yugebutuoy on October 19, 2009
I am in love with the songs of Pakeezah right now. Awesome lyrics by Kaifi Azmee and sung wonderfully by Lata Mangeshkar!
yugebutuoy on October 19, 2009
And ofcourse excellent music by Ghluam Mohammed!
thebestsadaf1 on October 26, 2009
wah wah bhout hii acha song hai muji bhout acha lagtaa hai too nice
venkimayyu on November 08, 2009
The pain on Meena Kumari's face is real!! She was dying when this was shot.
She wasnt even able to walk!! Such a tragedy
venkimayyu on November 12, 2009
yes jkrishna. Meena Kumari passed away a month or so after the release of
Pakeezah. The film opened to a not-so-good response. But only after she
died, it went on to become a classic!!
venkimayyu on November 12, 2009
Dont you see, Meena is not doing any difficult steps. In the Thare Rahio
song also she is not moving very much. I heard they had to use a double to
shoot some of the scenes!!
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