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Comments on song "Chand Phir Nikla, Magar Tum Na Aaye"
master270 on August 25, 2006
The nightingale at her best.
legrandmaitre on September 13, 2006
I've had this song on video for about 10 years - I never tire of it.
Possibly the most beautiful of all actresses (and what an actress!) with
possibly the most beautiful voice of all time - Lata.
sandhaeliya on September 19, 2006
nutan was known for her ability to convey the emotions of the song/ scene
to the audience. and what a divine beauty she was!
Anhsirk3 on October 06, 2006
Undeniably immortalised forever is the beauty of the moment which is captured in the video.
acsrrac on October 20, 2006
and she is also the first miss india
bellztoll on October 20, 2006
what really wow I didn't know that
legrandmaitre on November 01, 2006
Yes, that is correct, she had indeed been Miss India. Her mother was an
actress, and her son is also now an actor. Less well known is that Nutan
had a lovely singing voice of her own.
70man on November 13, 2006
natural beauty with all the feminine charm!!!
Samina Shah on November 25, 2006
The only song she sang was from film "Chhabeeli" Her voice was good but she
paid more attention to her acting carrier. The song goes like this "Ae
maray hamsaar--Lay, roak apni nazar--Na,Daikh iss qadar--Yeh dil hey bara
baysabar. Plz correct me if my info is incorrect thanx.
SingSingFSA on February 06, 2007
There Will never be an actress like Nutan.
DIRTYTORQUE on February 06, 2007
nutan is so gracefull ..correct me if i am wrong
pandyam on February 06, 2007
Abs. right... She was such a great actor. She looks so cute and wonderful.
satyadash74 on February 23, 2007
sweet! why cant today's singer match such voice? Thanks for the post.
naveedjami on May 04, 2007
Mesmerising, hosh lay jaye mera. mudhoshi mein baar baar sunta hoon.
Thanks for sharing. Beautiful.
bisahauk on May 20, 2007
..wat can ai say
CHIRAMAL on July 14, 2007
Yes,she was Miss India 1952,died of canced in 1991 at age of 54 years
nutscrewed on July 15, 2007
dat was the probably one of the first few songs my mom taught me...reminds me of childhood..luv this song!
shobs76 on July 23, 2007
wat a voice! wat a song! wat an actress! wat a picturisation!
Badzoq on August 03, 2007
this song would never get is new every time i listen since
last 20 years
farutrue on August 14, 2007
This song I've been listening for the last 20 years for thousand times and have never felt like getting tired. An ever refreshing song of old memories & will last for centuries together.
vinay2172 on August 25, 2007
lovely song...lata at her best !
siraaj1 on September 02, 2007
wow, what can one say, they are no words to describe such immortal lyrics, voice or music, i believe that even in a thousand years this music will be loved and people will still listen to it a sif it was fresh, oh i wish so much that i had lived in those wonderful times, there really are not any words that can speak of the beauty of such music.
Rajendra Teredesai on October 05, 2007
Wah, kya baat of the best songs ever!!Great melody, superb voice
and heart wrenching picturisation. Just see the pristine purity on Nutan's
face, see the dard in her beautiful eyes when she sings the mukhda of the
song! I miss you, Nutan -you truly are beauty, purity , dignity and grace
personified!!! Musicmaster
tomandjerry2007 on October 16, 2007
for almost last fifty yrs or so but i still love this song as i did then,sooooper.
chwaqas on October 25, 2007
wah ustad, ji khush keeta ie.swad aa gaya sajna.
Sholay48 on November 02, 2007
Worry not Lataji. Regardless of whether the moon comes out or not, we will
always be here listening with appreciation to this immortal song.
conventstation on November 04, 2007
Chaand phir nikla magar tum na aaye/Jala phir mera dil karoon kya main haay/Yeh raat kehti hai woh din gaye tere/Yeh jaanta hai dil ke TUM NAHIN MERE/Khadi hoon main phir bhi nigahein bichaye/Main kya karoon haay KE TUM YAAD AAYE/Sulagte seene se dhuaan sa uthtaa hain/Lo ab chale aao ke dam ghuthta hain/Jala gayi tan ko baharon ke saaye/Main kya karoon haay ke tum yaad aaye/Chaand phir nikla MAGAR TUM NA AAYE/JALA PHIR MERA DIL KAROON KAYA MAIN -- Where you are Ganny, I'll still be waiting.
Seni1 on November 28, 2007
Awesome.. so poignant and so beautiful. Timeless..
kiranabar on December 30, 2007
out of this world.this song does not belong to this mundane
...this is heavenly
hash150 on February 04, 2008
my favourite Nutan song. Hauntingly beautiful! Not surprisingly Lata
singled out Nutan as the heroine whose expressions conveyed the impression
that she was genuinely singing a song.
sunshine82007 on March 01, 2008
i have such a connection with the music to this song. all of my childhood
memories come flooding back. it holds a very deep meaning not just
restricted to the movie itself but also my personal life.gr8 work!
mandolaharish on March 15, 2008
one of my best songs. maine is song ko us din dhyan se suna jab mai bhi is gane ke tarh aur isi wajah se udas tha. tab se aaj tak ye mere fev songs main se hai
paradigmnnf on March 29, 2008
I share your feelings... I suppose many of us feel the same! -Javaid
bgoodcgood on May 02, 2008
this song has a special place in my memories as it was my first stage performance and i was very nervous.a friend in my class said to me just before i sang this song on our graduation day that somebody in my class was madly in love with me and wanted to propose to fact she said that he was standing in the crowd with a red rose which had made me all the more nervous that i sang the entire song with my eyes closed and when I finished...
footy1001 on May 05, 2008
...he made the proposal to your friend ;-)
LforLata on May 13, 2008
great song thanks for loading..
treetrip on May 14, 2008
very few songs where the actor is almost as good as lata's song..
sreeja177 on May 26, 2008
Another all time favourite of mine. The depth and emotions in this song is terrific.
chwaqas on May 30, 2008
boht wadhiya ji boht wadhiya
zahidjen on June 01, 2008
very nice song really great job thanks for such nice jewel of the past
shumile95 on June 04, 2008
شاندار گانا ہے
SingSingFSA on June 07, 2008
What movie is this song from?
anjumkha on June 07, 2008
Lovely song. One of the best by Lata.

Do you know it is based on Raga Kalyaan? Raga Kalyan is very popular and easy raga to play on keyboard.

Another great Lata song based on Rag Kalyan is Rasik Balma. Thats why they sound so similar.
Best Regards

M Khan
swaradapbhide on June 10, 2008
thanks for uploading this song...i was searching for it since a long time
Lawrence Noronha on June 20, 2008
The movie is PAYING GUEST.
mtmraj on July 06, 2008
Can the present film makers in Bombay produce a song and picturise at this level given a million rupees? Are there any artists left do such job? What a song. It simply revokes dormant emotions and such simple girls are there but the present day film makers bring the scum to the surface.When do we reach such heights again?
Srinivasan Channiga on July 14, 2008
Looks like Shankar-Jaikishen sent their spy to see what Sachinda is
composing and composed a similar tune in raag Kalyani- 'Rasika balma' in
Chori Chori. Srinivasan
bgoodcgood on July 15, 2008
Good one footy1001.thankfully no. coz we married 6 yrs later
Jumbybird on July 16, 2008
well look at the raw material they have to start with. today we have the
"pettai rap"
Prasad88996 on July 27, 2008
But then the audience is to blame too. How many of us do you think would love to watch and listen to such songs today? Most of us have either lost the feel of classical music or were born musically illiterate. That's exactly why most of us resort to watching the kind of songs that are coming out today. There are very few, but still in thousands, who continue to admire songs like this one. It's upto us to ensure that good music and art is kept alive by sharing them and admiring them.
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