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Comments on song "Chaudhavi Ka Chand Ho, Ya Aaftab Ho"
tahmina16 on April 16, 2010
@butt47jk he sure did have a beautiful voice
tahmina16 on April 16, 2010
who is the actress and what film is this song from.
hareemaz on April 20, 2010
@maxmin666 please send me original mukesh's version? i cant find it!
qsharif2405 on April 20, 2010

Wahida Rahman and the film is Chaudvin ka Chand
tahmina16 on April 20, 2010
@qsharif2405 Thank you, she is very beautiful :D
qsharif2405 on April 21, 2010

She is very wonderful and classy in person as well. I met her a few times in the mid 90s and I was very impressed with her grace.
Ati Ullah on April 23, 2010
asha Parekh on May 02, 2010
No one can sing like Md. Rafi. Where can vi find actors like Guru Dutt and
Waheeda R.? No where. Ultimate joy in hearing these valuable gems. THis
world can end but not the voice of Md. Rafi.
SrishtiSrivastava1 on May 11, 2010
ok waheeda is really beautiful and rafi sa'ab's voice is very melodious
MD.ABDUL Khaleque on May 18, 2010
,Bushra- fine song.thank you singer
ogilvy85 on May 20, 2010
i have never heard of more beautiful words to better express my love to
that special someone... has, is and always will favourite song...
im 25
sonny19xx on May 26, 2010
a very good song . Waheeda looks so fairy like. The lyrics ..the lyrics to
praise this lyrics should be atleast of divine standard. since iam not
capable i will leave it alone. no words. the same goes for the voice that
sings these words. that is rafi. what diction what clarity. guru dutt
enacts so well. last but not the least ravi's music matches up to the
standards of everything elseabout this song. thanks gussie5555
Giri Raj on May 28, 2010
rafisaheb ka awaaz lajawaab hain - giri,abudhabi
Mohammed Raffi on June 08, 2010
Absoluately true matchless those noorani faces and voice from heaven very
very intoxicating song.
MarthamadaySaamanu on June 09, 2010
I never knew even blank stares could be so romantic!!
ALE6623 on June 12, 2010
Rafi is parallel..a legend with multiple qualities, all in one.. an ultimate. he is a bench mark...and a shadow for others to chase only. legends do not born every day, but once in centuries. there are many who spend all their time to sing his songs in effort to prove they are equal to him... but, sorry. he is a shadow for them to chase. Rafi is a legend.. and they do not born every day.
Ifellintoanavalanch on June 19, 2010
No one today SRK, or whoever can never even clean the chapels of Guru Dutt
Ayaz jiskani on July 07, 2010
@vinnulovesvids yas i m able to mak thos all kond of expressions
Ayaz jiskani on July 07, 2010
@butt47jk acha to tum aa k pora kr lo
Ayaz jiskani on July 07, 2010
@yllscin nd i lov u
makexplorer on July 10, 2010
Flawless Rafi's voice makes this song intoxicating...
theostrich76 on July 12, 2010
beautiful, just beautiful
kangjagir on July 18, 2010
amazing song. simply the best
sham909 on July 20, 2010
There are two versions of this song. This one has no drumming. The better
on is the one with the drum.
Linish Prasad on July 23, 2010
This immortal classic has similarities with another classic "Sau Saal Se
Pehle Mujhe Tumse Pyaar Hai"...
mkhan888 on July 23, 2010
1:19 absolutely killed me
ashokmathur2005 on July 25, 2010
Breathtakingly beautiful melody and imagery. Breathtakingly beautiful Waheeda and the depiction. ummm
hana moon on August 16, 2010
i love to sing it to marybeth
1966singh on August 17, 2010
my favourite songs, of 75, still reverberate in my heart whenever i listen,, song stay where it was, alas we passes,, foreever leaving behind nothing in this world,,,
Bobby Chan on August 24, 2010
Na tujsha tere pehle na tere baad aayege, Mohd Rafi tu Bahut yaad aayega.
Even after 30 years, yours songs are as fresh. True everlasting melody
ss2k10 on August 27, 2010
@mkhan888 Agree .. Waheedaji was just stunning !
shalu151 on August 30, 2010
Rafi is the father of music.
alok jash on September 08, 2010
gr8 one.. wish i could b der.. really old is gud gold.
alok jash on September 08, 2010
Hey I knw thts da guru dutt da legend.but whos dat lady is it wahida
alok jash on September 08, 2010
she is beautiful..
58Pyaasa on September 10, 2010
The lyrics in this movie are by Shakeel Badayuni
TheMansoorMJ on September 11, 2010
jo bhi ho yeh gaana very romantic
MAHI846 on September 14, 2010
I dont know that waheeda rehman is laaJAWAab or not but this song is really
lucknowwala on September 27, 2010
@ satyaramc
lyricist was Shakeel Sahab
yaloomail on October 05, 2010
I think it is only MOHAMMED RAFI who has made this song as IMMORTAL.
No body could have sung this one in that much excellent style.
It was a unqiue voice in the Indian film history...
sharukh1 on October 08, 2010
0:53 to 1:33 goosebumps!
nawatramani on October 09, 2010
@satyaramc the lyrics are by Shakeel Badayuni. But beautiful nonetheless.
bollyBob1980 on October 10, 2010
The Urdu poetry is exquisite when translated, I can only guess as to its
true majesty in the Urdu language. Suffice it to say, exquisite majesty
does not get more pronounced than the voice of Rafi or the superlative
pulchritude of Waheeda, Today, it is 46 years that we lost the ethereal
cinematic genius of Guru Dutt, who for me will perpetually embody that
immortal phrase, namely, 'what we do in life echoes in eternity.' Thank you
very much for a superb effort :-)
raheelkhan24 on October 13, 2010
God if the lyricist really had someone in mind when he was writing the song...she must be the most flattered women in this world...these words can melt a stones heart! beautiful!
shoobidox on October 13, 2010
Beautiful voice mashallah..
Nick Ali on October 14, 2010
Movie name plz
P.VIJAY KUMAR on October 15, 2010
The movie name is Chaudavin ka Chand.
powerslavenegi on October 16, 2010
Excellent lyrics, superb arrangement based on raag 'Pahadi' and obviously
the voice of Raffi saheb. timeless classic of Indian Cinema.
P.VIJAY KUMAR on October 16, 2010
NO the song is form bollywold hindi film called Chaudavin Ka channd. I have
seen it 5 times.It may also be remade as thandi hava.
P.VIJAY KUMAR on October 16, 2010
NO the song is form bollywold hindi film called Chaudavin Ka channd. I have
seen it 5 times.It may also be remade as thandi hava. Guru Dutt is the
director and Hero of the film.
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