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Comments on song "Dil Ki Ye Aarazu Thi Koi Dilarubaa Mile"
KHOBIII on March 10, 2007
i love this song " ab tak tu jo bhi dost mile bewafa mile"
jawana57 on March 25, 2007
mahendar kapoor's voice is soo goood in this song
storagemanstorage on May 04, 2007
I heard and fell in love with these songs in my childhood. I kind of wish I didn't see this video, so cheesy. But the song is awesome. THANK YOU for uploading it.
g10great06 on May 12, 2007
who is the actressss????
Diptiranjan Mishra on June 06, 2007
Bahut undaa lyrics hai..."Aisa na ho ke dard koi phir nayaa mile"
kishor2489 on July 04, 2007
This is song of teenage. very good songs. Thx for uploading it.
wijesijp on July 07, 2007
What is the meaning of this song?
gigsgrover on July 09, 2007
It was my heart's desire to meet a sweetheart And now my destiny is made
once you've met me Lets see if destiny leads me to meet someone who can be
mine 'cos until now I've only met friends who are unfaithful.
rtkirani on July 18, 2007
I loved this movie, songs are awesome in this movie
hyderabadee on August 18, 2007
One of those songs that is so much better than the way its done.
Randeep Purewall on September 02, 2007
this is not even the most melodic or best of 1980s Hindi/Urdu songs...the
great thing is that it told a story as part of the film, one that tickled
the rather serious issue of women and the divorce stigma.
Randeep Purewall on September 02, 2007
FULL TRANSLATION: Verse 1 Dil kee yeh aarzoo thi koi dilruba mile Lo, ban
gaya naseeb ke tum hum se aa mile The Heart desires that it finds a Beloved
Look, that Destiny brought you to me. Verse 2 Dekhe hamein Naseeb se ab
apne kya mile Ab tak to jo bhi dost mile bewafa mile Let me see just what
destiny has in store All the ones I loved up till were unfaithful
Randeep Purewall on September 02, 2007
FULL TRANSLATION (PART 2) Verse 3 (M. KAPOOR - MALE) Aankhon ko ik
issharein kee zehmat to dijiye Qadmon pein dil bicchaadoo ijaazat do dijiye
Gham ko gale laagaloo jo gham aap ka mile Dil kee yeh... Let your eyes give
approval just once Give me permission to spread my heart before you (your
feet) Let me embrace that sorrow which is your own... Dil kee yeh aarzoo.
Randeep Purewall on September 02, 2007
full translation (PART 3) VERSE 4 (SALMA - FEMALE) Hamnein udaasioyon mein
guzaari hai zindagi Lagta hai dar fareb bewafa se kabhi kabhi Aisa no ho ki
zakhm koi phir naya mile Ab tak to jo bhi dost mile bewafa mile I lived my
life in sadness So sometimes I do get scared of love's deceit That I would
ever taste such wounds again All the ones I loved up till now were
Randeep Purewall on September 02, 2007
TRANSLATION (FINAL PART) VERSE 5 (MALE): Kal tum juda hue the jahan saath
chor kar Ham aaj tak kare hai usi dil ke mor par Ham ko is intizaar ka kuch
to sila mile Dil kee yeh aarzoo Yesterday when you left me at that very
place I am standing today today at that very heart's crossroad May I find
some repose for these years of waiting... VERSE 1 REPEAT (MALE) VERSE 2
sydmmr on November 04, 2007
wow, this song is beautiful.
martymcfly24 on December 14, 2007
Neolithic9, You have something against these CIRCUMSIZED men ?! You must have had a bad experience;let me assure you Salma enjoyed them and let them go ! She is quite a woman !!
wackiwabbit on February 11, 2008
what a film and track!!!!!!!!!!
48212592 on February 23, 2008
what is salma doing now can anyone feed back
bunohash on February 24, 2008
Beautiful song, wonderful movie. Purely nostalgic!
SLAVIKKOVALENKO on March 15, 2008
send me me plesae this song me ne dil se kia ye swal jawab tere naam ka mila
arshad on March 21, 2008
great music by legend ravi
pundadah on March 22, 2008
Nikah...Good film, great songs, Salma Agha Beautiful but...sadly Raj
Blubber..a SHYTE actor...krap performance from him...good riddance.
FreeTibetChinaOUT on April 17, 2008
One of the ground breaking movies of that era especially when it came to
women's right. It helps that the songs are great and the cast perfect for
the roles they play. Salma has such a haunting voice. I love it.
neelz4u76 on April 19, 2008
Please send me movie link i want to see
Environmental1 on May 01, 2008
movie link?
sohairx33 on May 23, 2008
does anyone no where i can find that song?? ummm its called Nikab it has Salma Agha in it too?? help.
Randeep Purewall on May 29, 2008
The film is "Nikaah" and there are several songs which are you after: "Dil
Ke Armaan Mein Aansoon mein Beh Gaye" is the biggest; followed by "Chupke
Chupke Raat Din," the song above "Dil Ki Aarzoo" and "Faza Bhi Hai Jawaan"
zibabahadori on June 03, 2008
this was most beautiful indian movie i have seen.
Keshi206 on June 08, 2008
Great voice!! who is the artist? thanks for the post.
Randeep Purewall on June 09, 2008
Mahendra Kapoor (male); Salma Agha (female)
bilasahib on June 25, 2008
send me the movie I'll send you the link
xMehhyx on June 29, 2008
Personally speaking, Salma Agha, was ugly and she had a voice like a cat
wailing.the song on the other hand was a classic romantic song...don't
make them like that anymore
vivaharshad on July 08, 2008
beautiful !
woobmob on July 08, 2008
Salma Agha was a hauntingly beautiful lady ever,and such a soul searching
voice ie the most beautiful woman ever in the world (my view) ~ No
surgeries. First Real green eyes goddess natural beauty in Bollywood ~
SALAM AGHA your biggest fan.
woobmob on July 11, 2008
Your words are rather harsh,u shud not judge anyone by pure gossip.These
men were not forced by Salma,they were unfaithful & weak men who fell for
her beauty & grace willingly & left their wives themselves.They were having
affairs not her as she was single.They must have had unhappy marriages to
do this. Her marriage to Mahmood was arranged btw,she was 16yrs too
young.Get ur facts right.
World Of Vikram on August 14, 2008
What a Wonderful, Heart-Wrenching Song! Thanks a Million for the Post! :-)
katpalli on September 24, 2008
ravi made a sort of comeback with nikha in 1982. what a come back which almost fetched him his third film fare award.
BubblesPothowari on September 28, 2008
Full throated, un pretentious, flamboyant, boyish voice, refused to age,
will miss him, just last month onwards was loving his songs from Nikaah,
where his rendering was as if just 20 years old & romancing.
circlesoflife2000 on October 14, 2008
Thank you for providing this song. I love those songs from this movie. Can you please upload the song : PUKAR TE HAIN DOOR SE, from the same movie?
Thanks again.
peace28r on October 31, 2008
nice song feel like crying
Ali on November 09, 2008
she does actually
shams9900 on December 02, 2008
But she is not related to rani muk.She is paki.But her and rani's voice is
the same when they talk.I also thought that she might be Salma's daughter.
NokAppli on December 27, 2008
beautiful exhange. Great lyric.
sjalcapricorn on December 28, 2008
R.I.P. Mahendra Kapporji..what a great rendition!
Syed Ali on January 18, 2009
Mahindra Kapoor wah kia bat hay. Great singer, Like his voice in all the
his songs. could not find his song "kab talak shama jali"
World Of Vikram on January 22, 2009
Love this song, the melancholic undertone notwithstanding - thank you so
much for the post.
TheZaheerAhmad on January 30, 2009
I can not stop listening to this. Urdu is such a beautiful language and the
voice is just amazing
Mez197 on January 30, 2009
"dekhein humein naseeb se abb apne kya mile , abb tak toh jo b dost mile
bewafa mile" "..aisa na ho k zakhm koi phir naya mile.." grt lyrics
honeymonster on February 09, 2009
makes me cry...
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