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Comments on song "Divana Hai Dekho Bekarar"
merryloli on June 06, 2010
it's beautiful<33
The dance is sooo nice!!!
Yaniuris Espinosa on June 06, 2010
3:26 Kareena looks so cute here, i miss her younger days, when she was
nicer, but i'll always love her!
Sanjana Shah on June 12, 2010
yes, super quality!
MALIKAxGF on June 13, 2010
excellent quality!!
saywhat248 on June 17, 2010
why do indians wear clothes that are out of style?
markofshame087 on June 17, 2010
The movie was made in 2001. . .

TheFamzie on June 26, 2010
Luv dis song!!! though da 'who r u's' @ da end kinda kill it :)
MrSaffola on June 27, 2010
kareena luked gr8 back then now she just skin n bones!!!eeks!!!!!!!!!
SaharaIzara on July 03, 2010
this is great quality!
I love this movie
It brings back so many memories
Prantik Mukherjee on July 15, 2010
luv u hrithik kareena
014Indian on July 22, 2010
@saywhat248 'Cause Indians are unique :D
adji39 on August 02, 2010
i love you kareena kapoor..^_^
Roxi Roxii on August 09, 2010
@adji39 lol i always prefered karishma.. im only 17 but for me kareena
seemd to spoilt and bratyy over happy lool but i think karishma lookd
prettier too lol
mamakcyber1 on August 19, 2010
I believed Kareena Kapoor role acting here... definitely suit her...loves her acting in this film...well done Kareena...:)
VenkyProduction on August 20, 2010
@koolkat786t Yep german !
lld1900 on August 23, 2010
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kajol620 on August 27, 2010
wow sogar auf deutsch.ich liebe den song und den film natürlich auch...dieser film ist für mich das zweitbeste film.geht auf mein kanal dann erkennt man auf den ersten blick was mein lieblingsfilm ist:))))
TheGoldengirl1985 on August 30, 2010
the german is so funny, can't stop laughing, great song though
coolethanyou on August 31, 2010
I've seen this movie like 7 million times and I've never gotten tired of it
lilmissy9101 on August 31, 2010
@saywhat248 as markofshame said it was in 2001 i think u shuld of known when this song was out before saying tht
Applebutter799 on September 01, 2010
wow I haven't seen the whole movie yet, only like three quarters, but
suddenly in the video Bole Chudiyan EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE!! And their
actions and EVERYTHING lol
Gouri Srinidhi on September 11, 2010
I'd have Hritik's babies.
Alba Chaséz on September 18, 2010
im so lucky i have so many of their hindi movies. <333 teh song
CesarStylezZ on September 20, 2010
la mejor musica indu del mundo
newringer820 on September 22, 2010
@HaraJukuDollyx u dance like that like every day?
HaraJukuDollyx on September 22, 2010
@newringer820 LMFAO!! noo!!! just saying i used to watch these movies when
iwas little LOL XD
buildingsReverywhere on September 24, 2010
hrithik roshan ♥
SasanyChan on September 25, 2010
funny but i like it
buildingsReverywhere on September 26, 2010
i LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie!!! :)
newringer820 on September 26, 2010
@HaraJukuDollyx oh well that must have been nice
shortbrowngirl on September 28, 2010
Like if u watched this movie more then 10 times.
TheTjmaman123 on October 03, 2010
the language is different when they talk
comar messi on October 06, 2010
What language is this?
Delicious1703 on October 10, 2010
the language is german
Applebutter799 on October 14, 2010
@Delicious1703 its hindi dummy
ElixirOfKnowledge on October 16, 2010
kareena looks better here than after her plastic surgery...she looks ugly now to me .. .she looked so fine and beautiful before omg people do anything for fame
Raffel Dilrange on October 19, 2010
@100percentgr8 me 2 dear
OfficialPcTutorials on October 19, 2010
this is my song is my sara
JJC418 on October 22, 2010
@darkwitch2 Yes, it's kind of hard to see though because he hides that hand
when close to the camera
hello2410735571 on November 04, 2010
hi i like them and nice song cool
RPXpert on November 06, 2010
I miss this version of Hrithik... Thumbs Up if u Agree!!!
RanbirKapoorfreak on November 07, 2010
it's German !!
RanbirKapoorfreak on November 07, 2010
it's Not Hindi it's German !
hello2410735571 on November 11, 2010
i like it because i watched more then 100
masharcool123 on November 14, 2010
what language is the girl talking in?

The song is in Urdu, but the girl...hmmm...
TakenEnt on November 17, 2010
@masharcool123 germany -.-
MsRockingurl on November 18, 2010
i really like to wactch mivie again n again really awesome movie.
rubiarfeen2 on November 19, 2010
@RPXpert what do you mean he's still HOT! but really wat the heck are you
talking about?
shortbrowngirl on November 24, 2010
@pakigirl28 Noo im pakii
shhicu on December 01, 2010
jezz i just love this movie ..
since it came out i watch it over 20 times..

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