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Comments on song "Divana Hai Dekho Bekarar"
thekshareefa09 on April 27, 2011
@apsararecyclesss If that's the case, then Indian girl/bollywood need not be in London. Ignorant ass. Did I mention I'm Indian.
Leigh Naz on April 28, 2011
I have always liked her in the yellow top with the rose choker :D
CutiePieZapZap on April 30, 2011
for some reason reminds me of barbie and ken =_=
shadrienne on May 05, 2011
her suit <3 in shop: omg what is it? in movie: omg she looks AMAZING!
shadrienne on May 05, 2011
kareena's suits may look strange for the first time.. but she looks amazing
no matter what she wears!
Singalana77 on May 11, 2011
@MissPonderlicious then what? I think said "Wer bist du"
Chika Amalia on May 12, 2011
Love this! Culture India and Deutch will be nice! ^^!!
Sam Looper on May 13, 2011
So why did she lose weight? She looks gorgeous here, still has her womanly
Smile4eternity on May 14, 2011
@ggirlss94 cuz according to kareena, size zero is everything. ew.
atheist382 on May 15, 2011
she's fat here. size 0 is definitely better.
Shajneen Akhter on May 15, 2011
What did Kareena say?
Shajneen Akhter on May 15, 2011
What did Kareena say? Like the whole thing!!!?
princessmusic159 on May 15, 2011
@counterstrike4u its Hrithik*
Aidham Dias on May 16, 2011
kareena is much better here than being a size 0.
Lalita Subba on May 19, 2011
love the part pehle baar dekha hai aisa ajnabee na ajnabee kya jaisa
Bond24aka on May 20, 2011
@counterstrike4u it's HRITHIK
minii391 on May 22, 2011
@apsararecyclesss theryre supposed to be in england where majority is
white. LOL
SK Aaraa on May 23, 2011
OMG I am so embarrassed for this movie for that AWFUL AWFUL attempt at a
rugby scene. I literally flinched.
divarien on May 31, 2011
wth is that ...some cartoon character spoke for kareena kapoor...
TigerTwinkle437 on June 04, 2011
why is it in a different language whenever kareena speaks???
TigerTwinkle437 on June 07, 2011
@NiHaJeTa hahah it was dutch? lol
chabrastamepues on June 09, 2011
Pretty sure if those watching the scene at 4:25 being filmed didn't know
better... they may have thought it was the first flash mob in history! Haha!
dmk on June 12, 2011
i really like this song .
Allison Gregory on March 23, 2012
I swear, they get the most random looking people to be the back up dancers. If you take the time to really look them over, your face ends up like O_O'
Aysha244 on April 06, 2012
I remember how pooh made us mad in our teen ages
Debra Secret on April 27, 2012
God, I love this video
shilpa88888 on May 29, 2012
A song dedicated to guy. In most songs men are chasing women...
Entertaining Video.
anyelii0896 on May 31, 2012
adoro este video ,muy bueno!!! y lo mejor es k esta nitifo y xvr !!! gracias x subirlo!!! C:
PrincePrincess10 on June 07, 2012
just love this!!!
Psquared on May 22, 2014
That cell phone-- and I know I am looking right at my teenage days ;-)
Noregrets281 on August 01, 2014
Back when Kareena was awesome.
Silvia Rodas on September 21, 2014
¡que ropa de los años 90! pero a hrithik roshan le queda
Mukaram Lucky on September 25, 2014
woow always great song htithik roshan
Mohit Kumar Saini on September 25, 2014
awesome it.
vijay s on October 10, 2014
I love this song and him
vijay s on October 10, 2014
I love the dance
i Urshaj on November 07, 2014
thats why hrithik-kareena have to come back on screen at least for ad!
Nivedita Gupta on January 10, 2015
Happy Bday <3
Danae Renata Gutierrez Iturry on January 21, 2015
me encanta <3
Manish Chandra Saharan on January 27, 2015
No one is better than shahrukh and hritik

sayitoutloud watson on February 22, 2015
forgot about this song! it really liked it! lol it's been so long since
bollywood has been this good!
Cool Story on March 10, 2015
Munda kukkad kamal da lol
ISAAC MARCO on April 10, 2015
Me hizo llorar
ISAAC MARCO on April 10, 2015
Me gusta cuando le dice algo ala poo como un frase que le dijo poo desde
la infancia cuando estaba gordito y bonito xD esa es la parte que me gustó
hasta casi el final sale de esta canción 
ISAAC MARCO on April 10, 2015
Es cuando le dice poo Quien eres en inglés xD se me olvido el inglés 
Samantha Sarkar on April 11, 2015
My childhood revisited!
Yogendra Uikey on May 25, 2015
HRithik should be back like that. true high class art. bollywood
requires it.
HRithik can do...
Najma Karimullah on May 25, 2015
I love Hrithick Roshan 
Kalsoom Khan on June 08, 2015
Hrithik love <3
Octha Christiana on June 15, 2015
Kapan ya bisa cntik kay karena kapor
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