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Comments on song "Divana Hai Dekho Bekarar"
Dersheni Singh on July 04, 2015
Oh my gosh this song is the best!!❤️❤️❤️
Kavindi Weeraman on July 07, 2015
Ram Krishna on July 08, 2015
90's kid !
Rania Casa on July 11, 2015
Waw oh my god
Rania Casa on July 11, 2015
I love you kareena and ritik rovhan
Mahmoud Antar on July 12, 2015
Emmelie De Forest on July 17, 2015
Kareena kapoor khan is so ugly
DrinkWater on July 21, 2015
Her outfits are superb in this song lol!
‫محمد علي‬‎ on August 06, 2015
اغنيه حلوة اتمنى الى بوليود النجاح
Sri whidiatuti (wiwi) on August 07, 2015
Keren banget
Su warsih on August 11, 2015
I love u kareena kapoor
I love u so much...
Жаргалма Сайбанова on August 12, 2015
‫سارة محمد‬‎ on August 18, 2015
‫سارة محمد‬‎ on August 18, 2015
روووووووووووعااااااااااااااات. نااااااايس
Hrithik Roshan on August 25, 2015
hrithik u r literally incredible,till date u r so handsome and good looking
that kristen wants a baby like you,lol. U were d best gift susanne could
have ever got ,im sorry she lost it
crenni l'harakiri on August 27, 2015
ylov hrithik
tika love you sayang tika love you sayang on September 02, 2015
nice song
Shweta Shekhar on September 02, 2015
I miss my childhood days and these KJo movies :(
mounira hamid on September 05, 2015
انا بحب كرينا
‫سمسم سيف‬‎ on September 06, 2015
Rakib Uddin on September 09, 2015
come on come on come on come tell us tell us who you are who are you come
on come on tell us tell us who you are who are you
Venaflor Bagonoc on September 10, 2015
what movie is this ? please ?
Belleza Claudy on September 12, 2015
Who are u ? XD
Aditi Pachori on September 20, 2015
Its nice
‫خان زوزو‬‎ on September 25, 2015
انا زوزو أحبك يا كارينا كابور و رتيك روشان
‫خان زوزو‬‎ on September 25, 2015
أحبك يا شارو خان
Wira Prasetya on September 27, 2015
Hritik <3
Ayush Shrestha on September 27, 2015
hats off to hritik and his dance
I mean I don't have enough word to express about him
Legendary man
rashi sales on October 06, 2015
this video songs very nice
Adhe the king on October 06, 2015
I like you shah ruk khan.,.,.,.,.,.,.
Fawaz Shah on October 06, 2015
those next-gen dance moves tho
terecumbia ponse de aragon on October 12, 2015
citra alexsa on October 13, 2015
i love you i like
Fawaz Shah on October 28, 2015
this entire video gives me life
Fawaz Shah on October 28, 2015
anyone notice at 1:35 they're playing rugby on a football pitch?
Lamisa Fairooz on November 13, 2015
Nilou Saglam on November 16, 2015
strethy on November 18, 2015
Lol what on earth are the back up dancers wearing?
sameer besharat on November 20, 2015
kareena was more beautiful than today
Soso Shaker on November 20, 2015
كلش حلوووو انته حلووو سيد ثريتك شاروخان والكرينه كابور روعه
Md Khurshed on November 27, 2015
l like this song
Nayeli rosales franco on November 28, 2015
mi cancion preferida
rania apaza on December 01, 2015
lo.. la..
Shafiul Alam on December 01, 2015
I love this song.
Liton chowdhury on December 02, 2015
12345 67890 on December 03, 2015
gosh,kukkad was so inspired by this[in my opinion]
Marie Lajonnaise on December 10, 2015
Mustafa Tahir on December 11, 2015
That's a lambo Diablo isn't it?
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