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Comments on song "Gaataa Rahe Meraa Dil, Tu Hi Meri Manzil"
sagarstay4u on October 10, 2010
just respect to this actors, and even playback singers, they r really gems, i wish i wud born early,
MsAvatar2011 on February 16, 2011
Some 9 immature people "disliked" this video..this is a classic:)
Pritam Ranjan on June 29, 2011
Beautiful song of all time what a music amazing... Brilliant lata and kishore and master musician SD Burman...
divstlm on July 03, 2011
i like the "chool er khopa"..ekhon aei guli r dekhai jay na.
4zahed on August 04, 2011
S.D.Burman should have won the best music director award in the FILMFARE AWARDS for composing the music of this film..but he didn't...also same did happen when he didn't get award for the music for aradhana and jewel thief..filmfare awards have been and still are very much biased depriving the actual winners
superfly1234567890 on August 15, 2011
Now this is music!!! Music like this was past my time but growing up with it I prefer old bollywood film songs over the new crap... There is only a couple of them I can tolerate but nothing can beat the old school stuff... Old is Gold!!
vivek sampat on August 22, 2011
i have heard these songs as a small child (though they had come much before i was born :P ). Such classics always make me feel the innocence and happiness i experienced during my childhood. LOVELY SONG !!
hafadaf on August 26, 2011
This guide got me laid! :D
Jayashree Deshpande on September 25, 2011
excellent song i have never heard such a song very very very beautiful
diva2807 on September 26, 2011
such a amazing music ... love the couple n lyrics n every thing ... :-)
MrAmborish on September 30, 2011
they dont make movies like this any more...
Bryan S on October 06, 2011
refreshing always- what a joy to look at and listen!!!!!
Chiman Jagani on October 11, 2011
Album: Guide
Year: 1965
Track: Gaata Rahe Mera Dil
Singer: Kishore Lata
Album Star Cast: DevAnand WaheedaRehman
Track Star Cast: DevAnand WaheedaRehman
rizisss on October 11, 2011
excellent song. the composer verily knew who can sing this song and who can sing "din dhal jaey" All songs of guide r gems.
desabhotla on November 07, 2011
after 50 or 100 years also this song ever last
ceylonsrilanka on November 09, 2011
Dev Anand reminds me of my dad. When I am looking at his young days pictures, he combed his hair like Dev Anand and had that bump front of his head. He taught me to listen to these old Hindi movies, even tough I am not from India. Now I am teaching my kids to listen to these songs and my oldest son goes sleep listening to these songs. Thank you dad teaching me to have good taste of music.
yeahOnCemOreE on December 04, 2011
R.I.P Dev Anand. We love you and we will miss you!
Pranav Kumar on December 04, 2011
R.I.P Dev Anand. We love you
videos8cas on December 04, 2011
Truly a legend. Will be missed a lot !!
R.I.P Dev saab.
Nalina Kumari on December 04, 2011
We love you and we will miss you!
chittur101 on December 04, 2011
He was my idol. Guide was my favorite. I talked to him on radio during one of his visit to Los Angeles and he was on a radio show. Great movies and great songs. Rest in peace Dev saab
A legend passes away. .
vinitshubham on December 04, 2011
killer2005ish on December 04, 2011
RIP Dev Anand... U were a charmer with positive thinking. Wish I'd be like u. Truly a jewel.
Anand Muglikar on December 04, 2011
Best Dev Anand Song for me!
indiankitty on December 04, 2011
May your soul Rest in Peace
himanshu99thareja on December 04, 2011
we r still alive in our hearts devanand ji..
Himanshu Thareja on December 04, 2011
we r still alive in our hearts devanand ji..
nasreen123ful on December 04, 2011
U were a Legend... Very upset...
bhopalji on December 04, 2011
devananad lata and kishorekumar are gems and when they worked alltogether they created magic like this song
MrRubbishness on December 04, 2011
Only when a person is gone forever do we realize their true value... we will never forget you, Dev saab!
gautamravi10 on December 04, 2011
Perhaps Dev Anand was the most good looking man which Indian Cinema has seen till date. His amazing sense of dressing was par excellence. Above all no one has performed so brilliantly on the filmy romantic numbers as was done by Dev Saab.salute to legend
HarshadKeLiye on December 04, 2011
raju guide will always have a place in my heart. rip.
akru2010 on December 04, 2011
U will be missed Dev saab...the person who worked and felt young till his last much to learn from you...
srnath123 on December 04, 2011
Yup, Dev is right there among the most good looking men Indian cinema has ever seen, he gets competition for this crown only from Dharmendra.
TheStarryboy on December 05, 2011
OMG..HE looks like a GREEK GOD in this . Dev Saahab was so charming, so soft, and what a great actor..Miss u dev daddu...bhagwaan aapki aatma ko shaanti de..U will surely be in heaven, not only were you gorgeous outside, but gorgeous inside as well.. God bless your soul Dev Sahaab/ Dev Dadu.RIP
RajkumariMaahi on December 05, 2011
Rest in Peace Dev Anand..a legend among legends.
Amit Poonia on December 05, 2011
Kabhe n haarne wale,or hamesha muskurate rahne wale devji..amit
teemagine on December 05, 2011
Dev Anand will be always in our hearts!
teemagine on December 05, 2011
Dev Anand is my idol & I worship him! Dedicated to him I have created a fb page: "Daily Inspirational Song"
Like it and share it, for your daily dose of inspirational songs from Hindi Films. Dev Anand, his lifestyle, his movies and his songs inspired me from my childhood days and it does so even now!
arun nair on December 05, 2011
Dev Anandji was one of the most graceful actors to haver ever graced the Indian silver screen.May Bhagavan bless him with ultimate bliss.
andoozzz on December 05, 2011
@sagarstay4u: mi 2.. wishh d samee.. bt jst cnt hapn..:-(
tigerliger03 on December 06, 2011 sahab...we lost u
sarikaking on December 06, 2011
great music song and actor... but guide is one of the worst movie i saw... songs are great while movie is crap...
kanchu rai on December 07, 2011
wanna watch it again and again.. very beautifully picturized.. love both the actors.. beautiful song..
sskapoor55 on December 07, 2011
Guide was one of most beautiful movie going to miss Dev Anand God bless his soul.!!!!!!!
knac03 on December 11, 2011
.It may be your point of view..
knac03 on December 11, 2011
@sagarstay4u...You don't respect your present life...wish u wont born at all...
knac03 on December 11, 2011
Have you ever seen any other nation on the Earth?
knac03 on December 11, 2011
.Who are you Tigerliger03saab..?
vishal kaushik on December 13, 2011
DEV SAHAB thanks for making such a wonderful and memorable movies. We will miss you alot!
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