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Comments on song "Gaataa Rahe Meraa Dil, Tu Hi Meri Manzil"
shahidbashir7861 on May 24, 2009
this is called melodious voice ... just check how many instruments are behind these voices .. voices are themselves creating music ...
033789 on May 26, 2009
A hit song of a hit film !
And the one & only Waheeda Rehman.she is so beautiful, so elegant.perhaps there aren't enough words to describe her truly. She is a real 'Chaudhvin Ka Chand'. When God made her, he probably broke the mould. She is a brilliant actress and dancer as well. Just watch PYAASA, TEESRI KASAM, KHAMOSHI & NEEL KAMAL among others.and you will know what I mean. It's a real treat to watch her films and song videos.aren't we all lucky ? May God bless her ! Thank you.
saad1224 on June 14, 2009
sweet tho bro but karrena is better
garjollyable on June 15, 2009
this one is a really gr8 kishore-lata duets...kora kagaz,aapki aankhon, teremere milan ki ye raina n tere bina zindagi are my favourites..ya..thay r all 4m the Burmans!!!!
tsekar1 on June 16, 2009
all time fav song...
ChaiRho on June 17, 2009
this song makes me smile, Kishore Kumar looks like an Indian cowboy too
ChaiRho on June 18, 2009
Sup, guy here who posted rage thread on /b/, I just did it because this song is awesome
thecrucifer on August 04, 2009
What lovely chemistry between Dev and Waheeda! One of the great songs from the great sixties...
Peshawar2010 on August 21, 2009
I love this song, just have a look,when waheeda is putting her hands on Dev shoulders and climbing upwards, the scene is so much absorbing that all the time I like to see this one again and again
nawabshaukat on August 27, 2009
DADA S D BURMAN can only compose this sort of soft but HEAVY melodies
maideewana on August 31, 2009
Another beautiful number from Shemaroo
Entertainment super hit song from film Guide. Super fine film, thanks for this great upload.
yugebutuoy on October 03, 2009
Waheeda Rehman! So beautiful!
shamsqamer on October 11, 2009
very nice song , beautiful lyrics ,
waheeda wearing descent clothes
shiraz650 on October 29, 2009
Beutiful romantic songs. Too bad they dont make these kind of stuff these. Thanks for posting.
orca110011 on November 12, 2009
thanks for keeping hindi alive here :)
Im trying to get the fonts set up!!
LaliWanjara on December 05, 2009
GOMLETLADNUNWALA on December 07, 2009
A rememberable Film . It always get remembered my middle daughter.. papa Guide, I always told her Baboo Guide, whenever I have been and wherever, . All the songs are diamonds to be collecte and heard so many time. Thanks alot to keep Indian Movie songs alive , Thanks to You Tube and the Collector of these jewels.
zolfezolfe on December 08, 2009
well done inda ,no comarison to indian songs,
kissmyassifuhateme on December 27, 2009
I love this song. Waheeda Rahman is so, pretty. Most of the actress in 1950's to 1960's wore sari. Sari makes Indian women look more beautiful.
des89stang on December 30, 2009
simply one of the best songs
susiappa on December 31, 2009
beautiful , lovely song.
Where was the scene shot? Kashmir?
bsingha on January 11, 2010
awesome song picurisation...lovely tracking shot..the camera doesn't stand still anywhere for more than two seconds...i think that is why Vijay Anand was the baap of song picrisation...
925shams on January 16, 2010
lovely songs i loved it thanks for posting
grvification on January 26, 2010
wonderful music,feel like listenin to it over and over again..hats off to kishore da.
sonypeter29 on January 28, 2010
Beautiful song...I think everyone should hear this...all who r in Love
TokyoAmiable on January 30, 2010
why can't they create songs like this anymore?
Vegita541 on February 09, 2010
listen to the 1st song on my channel
That one is the MOST ROMANTIC SONG...
Indianrolls on February 10, 2010
Gr8 song. Song of this era composed very early.
kohinoor1979 on February 21, 2010
v.v.v.v.v.v..v.v.v.v.v.v nice song
samakhusi12 on February 25, 2010
waheeda rehman was so cute.
mahesh58510 on March 20, 2010
The songs form movie guide are great to
get more & more from it. The great movie by Dev Anand...
bengalifighter on March 22, 2010
up there in my top 10 fav old songs.
gsherdhan on April 19, 2010
I have listened this song first time in 1965 during my NCC Wing camp at Patiala. I like it very much ever green song
syedsaqibrazarizvi on April 25, 2010
a very pleasent song. beautiful.
msdesigurl05 on May 11, 2010
Such an amazing song and beautiful this song.
msdesigurl05 on May 11, 2010
@033789 agree with u..she's really pretty.
gandharcool on June 10, 2010
this is d lovly song.truly amezng...kaash that time returns back
hanuman60 on June 10, 2010
most romantic duet song i like of a very classical film made by vijayanand
raj1991s on July 09, 2010
Beautiful Lryics and Voices of Lata and Kishore.

For those who don't understand this is the chorus

"Myheart keeps singing on that you are my destination"
"My nights don't pass without you, My days don't pass without you"

"My heart keeps singing on.."
jas94425 on July 14, 2010
My top favourite song of Dev Anand, old is gold
mdsubramonia on July 17, 2010
"Dead yesterdays and unborn tomorrows,
Why fret about them if today be sweet!" - From the Rubayat of Omar Khayyam
mrjanu100 on August 05, 2010
The only other version of this song ever done which is even better than the original is the one sung by kumar sanu and vandana bajpai (2 brilliant singers). these songs are on the yaaden collection, albums of songs on t-series. what happend to vandana bajpai she sung so beaurifully.
akashdeep36 on August 21, 2010
Kaheen beete na ye raten..kaheen beete na yeh din.gaata rahe mera dil...another fantastic creation by SDB..!!
sanju0277 on August 21, 2010
Frentaly on August 27, 2010
@raj1991s Thank You so much :)
radheyshyam100 on August 29, 2010
great great great! the ensuing artists may learn everything from them.
maverycks90 on September 27, 2010
@pirigotowiski MFing Downed.
anokheeadha on October 02, 2010
Such beautiful music and lyrics make your heart want to sing all day long! I never tire of these oldies. how anyone can appreciate the noise thats called music nowadays is beyond me! Especially Himesh Reshmiya's brand of so called music!
5umair on October 08, 2010
Those people must have had very sublime hearts, who collectively created this piece of art. It forces the viewer to love life..
chetan4775 on October 09, 2010
plz somebody upload the
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