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Comments on song "Goree Teraa Ganv Bada Pyara"
movaniac on January 11, 2008
Wow I just Love dis ul guys rock...!!!!
scottdecosta on January 12, 2008
Thanks for uploading this better quality version.
Highguard1701 on March 03, 2008
Thanks for uploading this great song. I have been searching for ages..
kgp2512 on March 10, 2008
excellent song
kgp2512 on March 10, 2008
excellent song hats off to jesudas
ninobhai on March 15, 2008
Awesome awesome and simply awesome singing
tony frank De' S on March 21, 2008
Chit Chor. It was released in 1977. Starring Amol Palekar and Zarina Wahab.
the same story has been remade with Hrithik and Kareena as Mein Prem Ki
Diwane Hoon. This song is sung by KJ Yesudas.
slazor29 on March 23, 2008
Yeah..nice,melodious song with a soothing tune.Thanks rajshri!
Dr. Rajesh Sikder on March 23, 2008
I was looking for this song!! Thanks very much Rajshri :))))
CleopatraUK on May 02, 2008
Based on raga - Pahadi. I luv u Amol
Sabari Girish on May 10, 2008
wonderful song from Padmabhushan Dr K.J. Yesudas!!!
bzulqarni on May 19, 2008
What a beautiful classic song. I believe it was KJ YESUDAS's one of the
first Hindi song.
first1blood on May 20, 2008
Yesudas is an excellent singer, but i think of politics he cudnt make much
of a mark in Bollywood... one great song from the master.
lovenlovemakeshappy on May 22, 2008
Also He Demanded A Huge Pay!!!
lovenlovemakeshappy on May 22, 2008
Not The First, but this song made Him Popular in Hindi
lovenlovemakeshappy on May 22, 2008
One really ant say This song is sung by someone whose first language isnt Hindi
ua24986 on May 24, 2008
awesome song..i luv wich movie is this??
ashatut on June 02, 2008
needless to say, great song, but I give more credit to the music, even though Yesudas did very well. gotta be RD Burman
ua24986 on June 05, 2008
thnx so much!!!
rogeeforyou on June 18, 2008
ahashatut.. its not r d burman... This was composed by the great RAVINDRA JAIN
minikkutty on June 24, 2008
Look at that voice ,divine absolutely divine.
Aman Dayani on June 28, 2008
great song no doubt. singer is great and actor is great to.
Shaky Daniel on July 06, 2008
abe gadhe( urdu) this is hindi ,i bet you point me any urdu word in this
song , listen to it carefully dumwit, this is pure hindi and not urdu. Also
urdu is an indian language, the maker of Tajmahal used to speak Pharsi and
not Urdu, Urdu came nto existence much later after invaders.Anyway, just
listen to songs and enjoy
Haseena07 on July 12, 2008
OMg! ilove this song. i used to sing it all the time when i was little.
S.Faraz Hussain on July 13, 2008
Amazing song. Amol Pareker was a very good actor, Yesudas brillient as
Prashanth Jana on July 18, 2008
One of the most melodious songs ever in hindi. Thanx Yesudas, i always rate
u very high.And thanx Rajshri for producing this movie and posting on
Static KK on July 25, 2008
It has been a while since I saw this video.what a tune!! Thanks for
Narayanan5 on July 27, 2008
'Chitchor' with it's simple, gentle characters and melodious songs was like a cool and refreshing rain on a hot and dreary day. It touched me, and reminded me of how beautiful life can be without the greed, ill-will, and violence. Now after some 30 yrs, though it certainly doesn't look flawless, it still makes me nostalgic.
sunshine82007 on August 09, 2008
i also dont understand how people can be senseless enough to start
religious debates here. its totally irrelevant.
pankaj5656 on August 20, 2008
Indoindibear on August 24, 2008
one of my all time favorite songs. i dont care so much about the video.. but the song is so beautiful... must be in 'mohana' raag...
kash7amd on September 09, 2008
one of my fav songs of all time...
pravicpu on September 22, 2008
world of music changed too much. I believe people in those days were so
innocent than now
katmedics on September 23, 2008
I tell u it was 1980 i belive i was 9 and i heard this song brings back the most beautifull memories , fantastic lovely song
sabarimuraly on September 24, 2008
very very good song. it brings lots of nostalgic feelings.
Sivaram Pochiraju on October 02, 2008
Marathi Hero , Telugu Heroine , Malayalam Singer , Marwari Producer , Hindi
Cinema what more is requred for NATIONAL INTEGRATION . A LOVELY MOVIE
deficitof on October 04, 2008
nice more thing every one loves his language so donot disgrace Urdu language Mirza Ghalib, meer dard, meer taqi meer were great poets of urdu language and people love them
tony thomas on October 10, 2008
what a great voice of Yesudasji...
Matloob Alvi on October 19, 2008
nice song, wat is da name of Movie ????
sapna1425 on October 23, 2008
Its truely a beautiful song and dont worry deficitof we know Urdu is thee most beautiful language but there r some guys like stmhar who doesnt understand ABC of Urdu and like to comment on it ..iam sure he must be a ghatti..
aswingopakumar on October 26, 2008
Sivaram Pochiraju on October 29, 2008
I gave my two Hindi Film Casettes of YESUDAS to Mr.Sudhakar Chapke for
getting recorded in his Tape Recorder which he did Painstakingly and loved
to listen to the GEMS . This was way back in the Eighties when we were
working at Tarapur for M.S.E.B . Tarapur was very calm and peaceful then .
The situation is changed completely now . I do not know where he is right
now . I hope he will listen to this Great song in YOU TUBE and will
communicate with me some day .
Jaiosho on October 31, 2008
Thank you Rajshree. I love you so much from my very childhood.
taphun on November 02, 2008
What a song...great voice..who is the singer?
vijjibujji123 on November 13, 2008
the last humming and the flute piece is divine
kash7amd on November 15, 2008
the movie is called chitchor
rdhinakar on November 18, 2008
Jesudas's first Hindi Song came in 1974/75
radartx on November 18, 2008
A beautiful song. Amol and Zarina look so natural, specially Zarina.
It is a pity that we do not have so many decent movies in India.
knpradeep77 on December 12, 2008
cntd...But to know how a great singer he was, one should listen to his very very difficult malayalam songs, no body in this world can match them. I think he has won more national awards for best singer than anybody else. though, awards are nothing when compared to the adoration and admiration he enjoy from people
ataguasrakras on December 12, 2008
Chitchor was a hit movie and the songs have made Yesudas a permanent star
in the annals of Indian music. Ravindra Jain and Rajshri made a number of
low budget super hit movies in the late 70's early 80's. Amol Palekar
remain a personal favourite. Godi tera gaon remain my personal most most
favourite song
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