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Total Vote(s) : 2689
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Comments on song "Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye"
drrb2009 on October 21, 2011
Dont think the song could have been superhit if Kishore / Rafi have sung
the same. The real melody in Mukhesh's voice exactly fit in this song.
bhavesh mehta on October 24, 2011
I know this is old songs.but as much as i doesn't
have an expiry date!!!
AMEY DESHMUKH on October 24, 2011
this is timeless music that would last for ages unlike today's music
Anoop Nair on October 31, 2011
8 foooools.
Priyotosh Khan on October 31, 2011
This may be the best bait for a rebirth as an Indian.
Vishnu Ramdass on November 05, 2011
any body could beat back INDIAN MUSIC AND SONGS ??????????? TRY IT
sandyandy100 on November 09, 2011
Salil da...greatest composer
Rmehtacpa on November 14, 2011
Kahin to ye dil kabhi mil nahin paate, kahin se nikal aaye janamonke
DR ARTI SAHAI on November 17, 2011
a never to be forgotten song words to appreciate
such melody n lyrics
chaosiskool on November 23, 2011
9 people were so lost in the song they pressed the wrong button!!
lokhande1987 on November 24, 2011
240p i m big fan of urs... coz only u give me treat of such beautiful
old songs :) :)
Farukh Ahmad on November 27, 2011
My Grandfather's favorite song! I remember him listening to this song on a
little tape recorder and enjoy the fresh air. since then I've been
listening to it and never got tired of it!!! And i hope my kids listen to
songs like these too... in 2050...
sudhi2981 on December 03, 2011
Ever green.. ever lasting..wonder whether.. the same will happen in coming
Photon98 on December 05, 2011
@999888rohit I am in tears right now!!!
Vish Anand on December 09, 2011
mukesh ji kyaa baat hai
Ali Kamran on December 10, 2011
A masterpiece of art.
Saurabh Bhatia on December 12, 2011
Want to go back in dat goldennnnnnnn era of Indian film music!!!!! This is
a masterpiece!!!! Dese gems will always be preciously kept in our
madihariaz on December 12, 2011
@madhukartha1 Munni and Sheil plus Jalebi bai and all others have already
come and gone.and we, the generation of Munni and Sheila, are still
loving these classics. :)
vishal kaushik on December 13, 2011
10 people disliked this songs .. shows himesh reshamiya has 10 kids
iffy183 on December 17, 2011
11 dislikes 11 Deaf
novicefred on December 18, 2011
Salil C rocks!
TheBhiwaniBoy on December 22, 2011
One of my all time favorite song. Great voice Mukesh.
Suman Sarkar on December 22, 2011
time may show its 'marcy' less wrath on so called modern songs.. but d true
art like dis song will stay for eternity.
Bipul Roy on January 02, 2012
When sun sets in the Western Horizan... Evening fairy veils her facial
expression... ...I like it so much... Yes I like...
Dawood Bhai on January 02, 2012
@bipulroy2010 dude is this your own poetry??
swarnimpandey15 on January 04, 2012
wat a song yr,,,,dis song will remain in my heart till i will be
alive,,,,jus cant get out of dis melody
Neeraj Saraswat on January 05, 2012
i am a 15 year old india kid who luvs metal rock kurt cobain metallica nd i
luv these hindi old song :)
apsalimath on January 08, 2012
my eyes wer filled with tears after watching the movie..nice
song..great acting by 'KAKA' and big B..
Kamal Hasa on January 09, 2012
I <3 this song!!
Bhakte Bandhu on January 12, 2012
13 dislike-rs are nuts, u ppl need help !!! such a owesm song how can one
dislike it !!
Bhakte Bandhu on January 12, 2012
let me touch foot of creators of this song !!!! #respect
Karim Roy on January 13, 2012
Mukesh My soul.
Karim Roy on January 13, 2012
@swarnimpandey15 agree with ur coments
tariq usmani on January 16, 2012
this not hindi this is urdu please mind it
ravinder kainth on January 17, 2012
cant tell my fellings heart touching
Bipul Roy on January 19, 2012
@buiu667 What do you mean lol...
350EnfieldBullet on January 20, 2012
@ammas1000 dhal = hindi saanjh = hindi dulhan = hindi chupke=hindi angan =
hindi i have nothing against urdu like our vice president said we need to
rejuvenate urdu ...i agree but this song is hindi im a punjabi
zaal daal on January 21, 2012
ise kehte hai combination of lyrics song and awaaz.
Salman Zaki on January 24, 2012
What a beautiful song! <3
RAJESH KUMAR on January 24, 2012
there is no language for expressing keep listening
...enjoy the beauty of song and voice...
pforpappu on January 24, 2012
Some actors today can learn a lot from such movies as can some film makers
as well. The songs from this movie and indeed the movie itself, along with
the acting, story and direction, is still being talked about. This is pure
classic with excellent lyrics by Gulzar and Yogesh.
YUMuffin n Ampiko Z on February 02, 2012
new films need the same well written poetry and dialogues.. urdu based
scripts and words
Afridi Umair on March 02, 2012
Can't stop listening to it !!!! Such a Beautiful song !!! Addictive
PowerOFsk on March 03, 2012
and they say i only watch hollywood movies but they have no idea what i
listen to
K.G. SREEKUMAR on March 14, 2012
The soothing voice of Sri.Mukesh is soothing each and every human being in
this world. I would like to live in this world for an another 1000 years
more just to listen Sri.MUKESH"s songs, Still you are living in my heart.
harshakool on March 23, 2012
Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye (somewhere far away when the day is over)
saanjh Ki Dulhan Badan Churaaye Chupake Se Aaye (The dusk slowly creeps in
like a shy bride) mere Kayaalon Ke Aangan Mein (In my garden or chain of
thoughts) koi Sapanon Ke Deep Jalaaye Deep Jalaaye (Someone lights the lamp
of dreams, lights lamp) kahin Door Jab
harshakool on March 23, 2012
Kabi Yuhi Jab Huyi, Bojhal Saansen (Sometimes when just like that, the
breaths become heavy) bhar Aayi, Baithe Baithe, Jab Yuhin Aankhen /2x]
(when the eyes moisten with tears for no reason) tabhi Machala Ke, Pyaar Se
Chal Ke (then someone, very lovingly) chhuye Koyi Mujhe Par, Nazar Na Aaye,
Nazar Na Aaye (touches me but can not be seen) kahin Door Jab
harshakool on March 23, 2012
kahin To Ye Dil Kabhi Mil Nahin Paate (sometimes, these hearts can not
even meet) kahin Se Nikal Aaye Janmon Ke Naate (and sometimes, the bonds
are there from so many lives) ghani Thi Ulajhan Bairi Apanaa Man (Very
heavy is the dilemma, strange is my heart) apanaa Hi Hoke Sahe Dard Paraaye
Dard Paraaye (being mine it tolerates the grief/pain of others) kahin Door
Sathya Prabhakar on April 01, 2012
I like this song. THis song is a Dard Bhare Geet. It has a nice melody,
anish TV on April 03, 2012
I am Indian and I like many songs but some are those which touches my heart
like this song :)
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