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Comments on song "Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye"
Zuker Vati on August 10, 2008
Thank you for the post. Bless you.
Prashant Sarvaiya on August 29, 2009
what a heart touching song it is.. awesome..
Shashu Gupta on September 08, 2009
kahin door jab din dhal jaye. what a song? heart touching...sonorous..
old songs are always different and always melodious...
abaann55 on October 21, 2009
i feel that my name is really mean something with this song ... i fell im alive with someone .. who care about the lines that means my life to be cared to be some 1 i feel ...
renuvsingh on June 26, 2010
its really a touchy song which really gives a nostalgic feelg
ghulamasghar2010 on August 08, 2010
it.s a good song
ghulamasghar2010 on August 12, 2010
kahin door good song
Shyam Ranjan on September 27, 2010
very good song from kaka..
Scapone2001 on October 09, 2010
this isnt a good song, its a GREAT song
kclal on October 19, 2010
can someone post the translation of this song?
timidpassion on October 19, 2010
@kclal sure! It took me two hours.. and I am not a poet..its a literal
traslation.. I hope it helps to give you some idea...its how a sad lover
yearns and remembers.. :) Somewhere far off, when the day ends, and the
dusk dressed as a bride steals her body and sneaks in silently.. In my
veranda of thoughts and aspirations, someone lights a lamp…lights a lamp…
Somewhere far, when the day ends, and the dusk dressed as a bride steals
her body and sneaks in silently..Silently..
timidpassion on October 19, 2010
@kclal part 2: Sometimes for no reason, when the breaths get faint
…..sitting ideally…when the eyes get filled for no reason (with tears)
Sometimes for no reason, when the breaths get faint …..sitting ideally…when
the eyes get filled for no reason (with tears) And, just then…someone
impatiently…walks (to me, cozily) with love…. Touches me (invisibly)…can’t
be seen...can’t be seen... … Somewhere far offf.
timidpassion on October 19, 2010
@kclal part 3: Sometimes, these hearts never manage to unite…and still why
are unveiled connections of numerous births? .. Dense were the knots of
confusion… and the traitor mind, even though is my own…hurts for foreign
pains (pain meant for others)… foreign pains...
timidpassion on October 19, 2010
@kclal part 4 Only my heart knows how these deep distinctions became my
golden dreams…these dreams of mine… are the only ones that are my own (near
to me like family)… and never will they will separate from me….these
shadows of those dreams… these shadows of those dreams.. Somewhere far
off,.. THE END
Nikhil Khandelwal on October 19, 2010
i love kishore kumar and rajesh khanna..the chemistry between kishore
saab and rajesh khanna saab is fantastic
Nikhil Khandelwal on October 19, 2010
heart touching song..
kclal on October 19, 2010
@timidpassion thanks!! its really a beautiful song!
nurutheone on November 14, 2010
I have to watch this movie now!
dipu bhai on February 15, 2011
my most favourite song of all time, i'm young but wonder why others of my
age don't like such wonderful gems, instead crappy songs such as"munni" and
"sheia" songs are their favorites. I wonder why only few people have
appetite for good meaning ful songs, while most love shor sharaba music. Do
you agree with me ?
Avishek Ghatak on June 22, 2011
Soenita Sieuw on June 25, 2011
This song is like poetry.. beautifull voice of Mukesh Ji
dipu bhai on June 27, 2011
thanks all of you and particularly tanushree, it's nice that so many of you
admire such wonderful classics . We are certainly in minority but that
doesn't matter at all.
dsachan1 on July 09, 2011
कहीं तो ये दिल कभी मिल नहीं पाते, कहीं से निकल आयें जन्मों के नाते.
Ravi Terkar on July 10, 2011
'आनंद' फिल्म किशोर कुमार जी के लिए लिखी गई थी, उनके इनकार के बाद राजेश
खन्ना ने इस फिल्म के लिए काम किया...मुकेश ने उनके लाइफ का सबसे हिट गीत इसी
फिल्म के लिए गाया | जो दर्द मुकेश के आवाज में हैं , उसे कभी भुलाया नहीं जा
Bliss Yoga on July 26, 2011
No i dont agree with u,bcos i know many infact most of the youngsters love
this type of music.Late Michael Jackson himself used to love melody songs.
Hirak Dasgupta on August 02, 2011
@asomani1207 search " amai proshno kore nil dhrubotara" sung by Hemanta
mukherjee Or you can get the modern version of the song with same flavour
by shrikanto Acharya...This song is one of the evergreen song in bengali
Vivek Shukla on August 03, 2011
Oh! This song and and the whole movie is the holy-grail about life. So much
to learn from sea of emotions of this movie. Here's one... Zindagi lumbi
naheen, badi honi chaheye". My all time favorite movie. THE best.
Minesh Modi on August 05, 2011
People sings this songs only when they realise the reality of life. best
Deepankar Choudhury on August 06, 2011
"My heart knows all these deep secrets of mine How my dreams do actually
take effect. Because these dreams of mine, they are only mine. Even the
shadows of my dreams never defect." Great Description Of Sunset. Hats Off
To The Lyricist Yogesh For This Wonderful Piece Of Poetry. Thanks &
Rushati Mukherjee on August 06, 2011
@hirak833 i looove that song :')
51rajiv on August 27, 2011
only mukesh can and did justice to the song , well compposed by salil
amitrocks1989 on August 31, 2011
One of the Best Movie in History of Cinema.Pls watch it...You will come
to know the real meaning. of Life.
Parth Pandya on September 01, 2011
@nechif3 the song is about a man who has a terminal disease and he sings
about the pain in his heart on how death will come and engulf things but
still his thoughts and dreams will linger on somehow
Joydeep Mukherjee Aatish on September 02, 2011
wow dont have words to praise this song .. will just say my all time fav.
Dev Raj on September 02, 2011
@gatia44 i like your comment mebhi kuch esa hi likhta magar aap ne pehle se
hi likh rakha hai isliye nahi likh rarahoo ha aap ki pasand bohut achi hai
Cyprian on September 05, 2011
@nurutheone Definitely watch, its very nice movie by Hrishikesh Mukherjee
kchetwani on September 14, 2011
I can listen this songs everyday...
pakmanishere on September 16, 2011
i think ol boy dies in the movie, i think, but u should still watch it.
Wasif Bashir on September 20, 2011
@gatia44 : 100000000000 % agree with u, you send all my view in this
message ..:)
Moin Khan on September 21, 2011
7 dislikes came from another planet
Madhura Mulay on September 24, 2011
A very touching song !!! Great song from Mukesh
CaLyPsOLyCaN on September 26, 2011
@gatia44 Am young too , watch?v=iCLJ1oH6KYA , find this one slightly
better, but what an epic song !! respect !!
Shrawaniv on September 27, 2011
This song reminds me of our hostel warden.. Mrs Moore miss u ... Good
old days. I wish we can go back to time.
Humza Butt on October 08, 2011
my favourite movie..!! iem young too but when i share such movies and songs
everyone laughs at me.! :( im so sad about such irresponsible behaviour of
our young generation..!!
Wasif Bashir on October 10, 2011
All time great song
Chiman Jagani on October 10, 2011
Album: Anand Year: 1970 Track: Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye Singer: Mukesh
Album Star Cast: RajeshKhanna AmitabhBachchan RameshDeo Track Star Cast:
rajesh Singh on October 11, 2011
These songs will live for ever
Mahen Nowzadick on October 11, 2011
I woke up this morning and this song was in my head, dunno how O.o
fahad khan on October 14, 2011
rafi, kishore and mukesh were backbone of indian music industry
kevin5rt on October 18, 2011
@gatia44 I agree with u,most of the old hindi songs r pure gold
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