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Comments on song "Raaz Ki Baat Hai, Nigaahen Milaane Ko Ji Chaahataa Hai"
Pashon8man on June 25, 2009
Bankruptcy is a horrible fact for those who have too much to lose, in order
to avoid bankruptcy and over night heart attack it is important for the
film producers to make movies which can save their banks and stay rich.
They really don't care how they have polluted the minds of the nations. Why
we get a lot of peace of mind and spiritual salvation in old songs? Because
the team of that time had a purpose and they did everything to avoid moral
insolvency. So that old songs turned like gems.
imbi310 on June 25, 2009
which movie? always liked this song.
pushpinder paul on July 19, 2009
Those good old days, beautiful lyrics and music to match, topped by Asha
Ji. Matches made in heaven of-course! Beautiful, just beautiful music.
oyehoyehoye on July 29, 2009
Whew! Can't have enough of it ...
Small Wonda on July 31, 2009
How cool is that! Utterly charming... no real idea what it's about, but
sounds great, looks fab and just bursting with warmth, humor and
intrigue... Thanks for sharing :)
NEENAWAN on August 21, 2009
is this Banjabi dance?
Pravin Patel on August 22, 2009
Love it !!!
farjiid200701 on September 08, 2009
The song is very good... The chorus is horrible !!!!
algoseer on September 28, 2009
this genre is called sounds just as noisy as it is supposed
Harichan17 on October 03, 2009
Hm...I don't think so... its more of a kathak type, and the song is
Qawali-methinks. I'm punjabi, so I definitely know that its not a punjabi
dubbooman on October 10, 2009
some very interesting comments indeed! the ''horrible chorus'' is an
important part of the qawwali, and the dance is certainly not '' Banjabi'',
hope no one feels offended by my comments, this is one the the best
qawwalis in the film industry and very well choreographed on Nutan, who
also played an important part in making this an immortal song , sung by
none other than the great Asha Bhosle and composed by roshan, one of his
greatest compositions, the lyrics are by Sahir Ludhianvi
durlabh kolhe on October 25, 2009
roshan ji ne kamal kiya. ye kawwali aur barast ki raat ki kawwaliya great
Dada Bhai on October 29, 2009
Simple heavenly grace. Sensuously awesome Nutan. Posthumously incomparable
even today in Bollywood. Incomparable also is the poetry, music and taan.
This is true Indian, not the horrible noisy junk that is being paraded
today as desi music.
cuczthevirgo on November 19, 2009
i think this one of the best song ever asha has sung. even if she wanted sing it again she could not been able give the same effect. brillant
cuczthevirgo on November 19, 2009
if u don't understand music don't listen to it people like u are a blot in the industry of music.
TriggerFingers710 on November 21, 2009
u guys knew she was only 17 in this video ...das some crazy shyt
Lindsay Greenho on December 02, 2009
@TriggerFingers710 She was 27, actually.
Ankurblue on December 07, 2009
Raag Yaman Kalyan. Composition is excellent
TriggerFingers710 on December 09, 2009
ooo dam well i was wrongfully informed
Rida Khan on February 15, 2010
wwooooo...!! nice.!!! i had great fun watching there dance n expressions
..!! LOL
oyehoyehoye on March 31, 2010
What a find yaar
y2worry1 on April 11, 2010
One could not agree more with Dadanaik. We seem to have lost those
lyricists and composers for ever. It is 4 the youth of today to take
interest in classical Indian Music and revive tunes based on ragas, rather
than 'Organised Noise. being dished out in the name of music.
Hemant Mehta on April 11, 2010
just toooooooooooo gooooood Nutan, fantastic set up, simplicity, good
wordings and superbly sung. very sweet. thanks for posting this,
orientlover1 on April 14, 2010
girl sitting on the left side of nutan( right of viewer) at 2:10 to 3:10 and dancing with her at 4:58 to 5:10 can also be seen in movies Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam (1962) dressing meena kumari in the song "piya aiso jiya mein samye gaiyo re" and also in 1972 released movie Pakeezah just before the song " thare rahiyo banke yaar re" washing paans by the pool side ( however this song was picturised some time in 1963 ) she should be in her seventies now!!!!
kishoregupta1 on April 20, 2010
Nutan is just too good , never been so good in other roles as in this.
Pashambay Baloch on April 22, 2010
The qawwali was splendidly coreographed by no other but "Saroj Khan". She
was thirteen of age and "Dil hi to hay" was her debut film. Actually Sohan
Lal who was mentor and then husband of Saroj Khan was dance director of the
film. Due to his assignments he could not attend the film and then on
persuation of film director Pl Santoshi, Saroj Khan took the assignment.
Girl on left side of Nutan is Saroj Khan. Afterwards she made the history
and grace the coreographers
Bushrraff on May 02, 2010
Wah! Allaha .. mai mar jaavoo..
Voltairec on May 04, 2010
How do spell Angel.must be as NUTAN! She's simply spellbinding and
unlike her tragic image she 's stunning and vivacious and absolutely
ethereal! Asha's voice is seductively enchanting.Nutanki ek hasin ke
liye 1000 jung lad sakthe hain!
orientlover1 on May 06, 2010
Dear Pashambay thank you for your valuable information but I am not talking about Saroj Khan, I am talking about the girl seen dancing with Nutan at 4:58 to 5:10. She looks older and definitely not thirteen years of age. Saroj is the other girl who also dances with Nutan and looks younger.
ganesh dharmavat on May 13, 2010
actor of this song is do g8 act
tonu189381 on May 24, 2010
o my god..what to say about this song...perfect gesture,perfact dancing,perfect music ,perfect singing,perfect lyric.and all these constitute an evergreen songs.really the good old days...lots of thnx to the uploader...
Neeraj Singh on May 28, 2010
wow what a feel in this song i like it toooooooooo much
nishaabs on June 20, 2010
beautiful.rare dances by Nutanji
MrMalikahmad on June 29, 2010
wonderful. I am surprise that why someone miss such a nice qawwali for being upload?
kkep it up my dear u doing good job,
shradhapati singh on July 08, 2010
Another love song expressed to be felt and the feeling of love is so
nnilima1 on July 09, 2010
thanks for posting this.. it is so lively, lovely and wonderful
radhikaa2009 on July 23, 2010
best qwalli ever and asha ji is just too good. Nutan's expressions are perfect but never saw her dancing before, she looks uncomfortable dancing.
aaasss on July 24, 2010
Thanks so much posting!!!
SPChitale on July 25, 2010
Since Barsat ki raat's Na to karwa ki talash hai The Great Late Roshan came in more limelight. This particular quawali based on Raag Yaman I feel fantastic.and of course Nutan,Aashaji R.K. Pran all great legends.
Soubhik Ghosh on August 12, 2010
What a lovely song,great music composer,great singer and great
picturisation,hats off to all you .This song is simply one of the great of
all times.Asha tai ..tussi great ho
Anashua Banerji on September 03, 2010
ohhhh Nutan.such an ethereal and graceful beauty.. :)
narindar naswa on September 14, 2010
Did any body notice Saroj khan in this song. watch once again, she is one
the chorus dancers.
narindar naswa on September 14, 2010
Did any body notice saroj khan in this song. She is one of the chorus
dancers. I have given you one more reason to repeat the video ,apart from
its unforgfettable lyrics and superb composition.
Murtuza H on September 15, 2010
The girl to the left of Nutan at 1:25 and 1:26 is Saroj Khan.
sonny19xx on September 22, 2010
a beautiful quasi qawwali. Roshan's brand of music that touches deep within
your heart. The m,elody only that maestro can achieve. a simple tune and he
turns it into a masterpiece. asha sings so well. nutan forever looks fresh
and beautiful. above all it is the achievement of the qawwali king roshan.
the raag is i believe is yaman kalyan. thanks nash123789
thandoo on October 30, 2010
If you thought old timers were exaggerating about nutan when they used
those superlatives; watch this. No other bollywood actress comes close let
alone compete with her.
roshan kumar singh on November 09, 2010
9 people got so excited that they pressed dislike button ...
tilanesaram on November 13, 2010
take care all single moms
orientlover1 on December 21, 2010
What happens to the girl dancing behind to the right of Nutan at 1:52 when she nearly missed a beat but corrected herself at the last microsecond. The dancer to the left of Nutan and then seen dancing with her from 4:49 to 5:10 can also be seen in film Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam helping Meena Kumari dress up in song "piya aiso jiya main smai gaiyo re..." and also seen in film Pakeeza before song "thadre rahio banke yaar.." washing paans beside the pool then hits her head against a pillar
orientlover1 on December 25, 2010
Girl sitting to the left of Nutan ( right of viewer) at 1:25 to 1:28 and also seen in the front row ( second from right )at 1:58 to 2:08 and so on, is Saroj Khan. She can also be seen as an extra dancer girl dressed as a boy ( wearing a cap ) in 1958 film Howrah Bridge song " Aayeeye mehraban baithiye jane jan." picturized on Madhubala.
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