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Comments on song "Raaz Ki Baat Hai, Nigaahen Milaane Ko Ji Chaahataa Hai"
Sandeep Nain on September 28, 2007
Shukriya Sahab!
pbviolin on December 03, 2007
Thanks, such a lovely quawali and so well sung by Asha.
Guianpier on January 13, 2008
pls someone tell me what say that woman in her langauje? pls thanks
aishac210 on January 21, 2008
In the chorus she is saying basically that she wants her gaze to meet his.
ryhan1401 on February 23, 2008
no offense, though the music is amazing, but bollywood has given a mis-interpreted meaning to qawali, and ruined its true spirit and culture.
V. Siddhartha on March 20, 2008
One of the best quwwalis from within Bombay's movie world , led by the
melodious voice of Asha Bhonsle and staged in an enthralling style by Nutan
and her chorus. The comic relief provided by Raj Kapoor's antics and Pran's
vexed responses to them adds to the joy of viewing this clip. Thank you,
srazdan on March 25, 2008
I never tire of this song...fantastic work by Roshan, Sahir and Asha! Many
thanks for sharing.
angurandkrips on March 30, 2008
i love this song sooo much...da best for sure!!!
varinder1979 on April 17, 2008
the song was choreographed by Saroj khan ji , India's famous dance director, she was just 14 at that time, how amazing is that
bgoodcgood on May 02, 2008
laajawab! this is one of the best qawwalis that one can ever get to hear. unbelievable.
heroniotimi on May 05, 2008
again no offence please.. just a small point why should qawwali or any
traditional/ folk form depend on bollywood and one should look at them as
protectors of finer forms of art.. with its dynamism, meolody and spiritual
essence, qawwali has survived over last 700 years and will continue to do
so.. my feeling is may become stronger.. inshaallah.
Denver S on May 30, 2008
whats the name of the movie?
goongparbat on May 31, 2008
The name of the movie is "Dil hi to hai".
goongparbat on May 31, 2008
Unarguably one of the best qawalies I have ever heard. The sweet and
melodious voice of Asha Bhonsle, the doe eyed Nutan, the antics of Raj
Kapoor plus the Urdu lyrics add substance to this Qawaali.
nooodledance on June 23, 2008
Thank you so much for uploading's wonderful!!
qalanderi on July 05, 2008
My heart desires to connect eyes with my beloved, my heart and body crave
to sacrifice themselves over my beloved. Antra:1) This world has labelled
love as a felony, but my heart desires to commit that felony.
vivekksingh on July 28, 2008
and this is her first song to be choreographed!!!!!!!!!!
chwaqas on August 19, 2008
boht wadhiya ji .. thanks for uploading
ekdumfilmi on September 19, 2008
One of the 'All Time Great' Qawwali of Hindi films. Great lyrics by Sahirsahab.
ekdumfilmi on September 20, 2008
This Qawwali and "Aahen na bhari, shikave na kiye..." from, 'Zeenat', have always remained on top.
varghesee on September 29, 2008
amazing!! this sounds beautiful
nacapula1 on October 02, 2008
This is fantastic, and what a voice of Asha Bhonsle
popy seed on November 05, 2008
this song was choreograph by Saroj khan and it was her first song and she
was only 15 at that time...Nutan was very nervous at that time ..
kidcaper007 on November 12, 2008
Although it is nice to see the original, I really enjoyed Sumedha's
rendition of this song on SRGMP.
abdul waheed on November 21, 2008
Really very good Qawali, like listen it again & again. If somebody can tell
the name of this actress??
hash150 on November 22, 2008
thanku thanku shukriya meharbaani nutan nutan nutan ...nigaahen hat tee
nahi aap nigahen milane ki baat kar rahe hain!
relaxedfromcore on December 05, 2008
forget nutan n saroj khan (both are vvvv good no doubt) But this song is
nailed by asha bhosale
Chetan Nadgonde on December 20, 2008
Awesome !!! No words enough !!!!
sam7748 on December 25, 2008
Fantastic. Nutan looks so sweet. Gazillion thanks for posting this qawwali!!!!
kadarkhanchacha on December 26, 2008
My fav gazal. Wah wah Ashaji.
mohendra minocha on January 27, 2009
give all the credit to the team of sahir & roshan the same combination has
given great songs in taj mahal, chitralekha and great qawalis in barsaat ki
raat . a must for your library
Tamal De on February 04, 2009
I love any song based on this Thaat. But Yaman touches my every time i
hear it... Such a brilliant representation of Yaman... Asha ji is
pwnmhjn on February 13, 2009
Qwalli with dance performed by Nutan sung by Asha bhonsle writen by Sahir
Ludhiyanvi and music Roshan Wallah... very rarely we find Nutan dancing.
adrimayo on March 08, 2009
Wow - my dear Asha Bhonsle ji!!!
hash150 on March 10, 2009
me too:) nigahein hat hi nahi rahee...
hash150 on March 10, 2009
interesting, the credits in the movie attribute choreography to Sohanlal
who was S.Khan's guru. where did you come across this tidbit?
popy seed on March 10, 2009
well i came to know by saroj khan herself. if u know there is a program on
NDTV imagine called nachle we in which she teaches dance ...she taught this
song once and said that its done by her in a little age...
AnjuBaby on March 11, 2009
i love this song!!!!
brayankharazi on March 14, 2009
i love this song!!!!
rumahale on March 17, 2009
Versatility thy name is Nutan. Thanks for the upload.
dawaandreality on March 30, 2009
old is gold , love forever green songs thanks for up load, keep posting good job God bless you.
nonseriously on April 06, 2009
Roshan was a good music director for adapting Sufi tunes/qawali tunes. The
if you have Sahir as your Lyricist and Asha as the singer then you it no
surprise will get a Timeless classic. This song is a always a refresher.
Thanks for posting.
dubbooman on April 29, 2009
one of my favourite songs of asha . gone are the days when we could have
meaning full lyrics along with beautifull compositions. fell as if this is
Hamlet32 on May 03, 2009
her expressions are so beautiful
SohiniBanerjee611 on May 04, 2009
old is truly gold. but surprisingly the clothes and makeup of this type are
all back in fashion again... infact i have an anarkali just like that...
this is a beautiful song..
sam7748 on May 07, 2009
Thanks. One of my very favorites.
nacapula1 on May 19, 2009
When was this film made and who is this wonderfull actress? Fantastic song, performance actress and video...
kurukururock on May 20, 2009
she reminds me a lot of madhuri!
Lakshmi1939 on May 29, 2009
Is she Nutan? looks lot like young Vaheeda to me. Thank you for posting
Mugdha Pagnis on June 16, 2009
Yes it is Nutan
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