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Comments on song "Rainaa Biti Jaaye Shyaam Naa Aaye"
micmac3113 on May 23, 2009
wat movie was this.
samir1942 on May 28, 2009
Sharmila Tagore.Such a incredibly beautiful lady ! Her million dollar
smile, her dimples, her silky hair and her beautiful eyes.. to die for, not
to mention her seductive voice ! And when she blushes..oh my God ! She
must've broken many hearts in her time. Not a day goes by, when I don't
watch her song videos. And whenever she is on screen, I can't take my eyes
off her. In case you've missed, I'm a great admirer of her. I've seen many
of her pre 80's films. May God bless her ! ! Thank you.
nashsyan on May 29, 2009
When listening to this song just close your eyes and let the words, sweet
sad singing voice and music seep into your soul very deep and deep. story
of my life. Thanks for sharing my friend. Nash from UK
Yadu Mehra on June 04, 2009
will we ever equal that era of golden everything??
Sanjay Roy on June 06, 2009
Why life is so painful, why love is always tested. Such a romanticism in
this songs, just feel like opening the soul and sing to the eternal
love...good bless you all!!
chaudrygujrati on June 11, 2009
rajesh u r number one in bollywood
sunizach on June 12, 2009
ummm...sorry to burst your bubble but that's not Sharmila's seductive
voice.its Lata's! :))
nawabshaukat on June 17, 2009
I have always said whenever R D BURMAN ALIAS PANCHAM called melody queen
for his composition to sing THERE WAS SOMETHING SPECIAL like this song i
recon it iz rheir BEST COMBINATION OF ALL TIME and the situation was also
typical A prose was sitting alone and there was no one to listen her expect
her family members 03332604292
jamal mohammed on June 24, 2009
rajesh khanna s lukng handsome n ds song...
docbhuvan on July 04, 2009
amazing song from an amazing voice
mira maji on July 06, 2009
beautiful song...
riya6790 on July 15, 2009
wow wh't a movie and really gud song yaar
sangeeth666 on July 22, 2009
heavenlyyy !!! .. i feel lik crying listening to dis song !! 2:42 .. makes
me go crazyyy !!! ... i love dis songgg !!! ...
sangeeth666 on July 24, 2009
thanx !! :)
TheAshvamedha on July 30, 2009
that is what makes rajesh khanna the real superstar, his acting and his style really of the greatest movie ever produced.
Waheed Sujjad on August 05, 2009
Agree. No one sings like Muhammad Rafi.
Nihal Singh on August 05, 2009
i lsten this song more than 1000 time..but still i want to listen this song
more & more...can we say this thing about new songs no..never
sandyhp666 on August 21, 2009
This song is so beautiful, and god wht a voice lataji has its just perfect, the variations & pitch. Sharmila looks gorgeous and I just love tht hurt expression at 3:00 its so awesome.
nawabshaukat on August 25, 2009
LATA JI RD BURMAN ZINDABAD words are shortened to praise this STUNNING
melody 03332604292
iamdead1974 on August 31, 2009
raina beeti jaye,shaam na aaye...
yugi825 on October 07, 2009
very nice classic song .
Rajib Ghosh on October 31, 2009
Thanx, u r great becz without ur uploaded video I never feel how much I
love her and how much she return me. Thanx again.
marfaned on January 05, 2010
The beauty of rag Lalit. It is a tough one to handle the note transitions.
Besides, the music director has done a good job balancing the classicism
with the requirements of popular music for a broad audience in a movie
ribandarcho on January 16, 2010
Absolutely true. Just a minor correction, I think it is Todi not Lalit.
aayou on January 17, 2010
"shaam" here does refer to Krishna. The second part of -shaam to bhoola shaam ka vaada - is - sung diye ke jaage raadha.

Why would raadha keep awake, if not for shyam?
TheDesitexan on January 24, 2010
The music and the acting back in the day were unbelievable,Almost every
actor,man or a woman,were just fire.
marfaned on January 31, 2010
ribandarcho: You are right as well. My feeling is that the director wanted
Lalit to show through prominently on a Todi type foundation. As we cant go
into their heads to reveal the the thinking only guesses are possible. As
we all know, film songs frequently use raga mixes for special effects on
the mood of the scene etc.
stoppeekin on February 26, 2010
made me speechless..
AlAlvares1 on March 31, 2010
Lata Mangeshkar is a great singer very less singer are like her
nowdays!!!!!! Rajesh khanna is a superb actor!!!!!!
hitesh05 on April 10, 2010
Goddess of our Female singing talent..
Meghna Surbhi on April 15, 2010
what a voice
Rahul Sahu on April 25, 2010
amitabh is best
KHOBIII on May 13, 2010
past was combination perfections='s loss sometimes actor is good, but no song.sometimes song is okay, but no lyrics..sometimes no actor...what a wonder old is gold...i wonder if today will ever be tomorrow's gold.
jaygcin on May 28, 2010
@rahkit84 True, but Rajesh was very good in romantic roles.
Shamim Khan on June 05, 2010
Wow!!!!! dis song is so beautiful. every word so touchin...
srtambe on June 15, 2010
And just see the movement all across the scale in microseconds for '' Sham na aaye'' at 2.58. Can any one else come up with such a marvel?
punjabimonda on June 26, 2010
l love both of them
fabworth on July 02, 2010
Abe mujhe to laga ki ye AAAA lata tai nahi Rajesh Ga raha hai. Kaise muh kholke rakha hai.
nawabshaukat on July 09, 2010
@TheAshvamedha all the khanz are great along with KAKA
overseeroflove on August 03, 2010
@TheAshvamedha i agree with you accept aamir khan he has some talent the other two are jokers specially salman khan and his brothers
sanoreddy on August 05, 2010
Rajesh Khanna... look at him... very Handsome some.
aron1601 on August 13, 2010
gaiye na . kyanaam hai... meera hona chahiye tha
soumyonil on August 20, 2010
the calmness in this song is so profound that it quenches the thirst of our
souls ..
Wiszy on August 28, 2010
@shrijiji noboby can give this kind of music nowadays :(
babarahmed on August 28, 2010
@TheAshvamedha I think among the Khans only Saif knows how to act and boy he acts realy realy well and he happens to be Sharmila's son. Shah rukh khan simply copies Rajesh Khanna though and fails miserably at it.
Sunny Sachdev on September 09, 2010
i hate tears pushpa kuchh yaad aa gaya
Sunny Sachdev on September 09, 2010
pushpa i hate tears pushpa kuchh yaad aa gaya
masterkombat on September 22, 2010
@TheAshvamedha You are absolutely right.
Easwaran R. B. on September 27, 2010
Looks like R D Burman has poured all his enormous musical genius into the
music of this movie - Amar Prem. The man known more for his rock n roll
numbers has shown how he can also create such lovely, "touchy" and
melodious numbers. Great. Easwaran
sweetxlboyz on September 30, 2010
@TheAshvamedha i agree with u... i love that movie and songs, specially
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