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Comments on song "Rainaa Biti Jaaye Shyaam Naa Aaye"
sanamo86 on October 06, 2010
sanamo86 on October 06, 2010
@overseeroflove I agree Aamir is the only Khan who can act, the rest are
pogogal17 on October 10, 2010
@TheAshvamedha why put down the khans listen music, acting everything changes with time if actors also change with time how is it their fault
pogogal17 on October 10, 2010
@sanamo86 go watch ek hasina thi, tere naam and my name is khan then we will talk
pogogal17 on October 10, 2010
@babarahmed saif definitely has the sharmila advantage all her great acting genes were obviously passed on lol he said himself that he would love to have the song 'roop tera mastana' picturised on him and kareena once LOL
dnikhilrao on October 24, 2010
hello, can anyone tell me if this is this Raag Lalit? sounds a little like Lalit but not quite, i am stumped.
Gorgi Agarwal on October 25, 2010
@babarahmed Saif Ali has the voice of a shikhandi( EUNUCH).He behaves and
acts as if he is neither male nor female.
ValeriaWenda on October 27, 2010
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jinileyaerona on October 29, 2010
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aron1601 on October 30, 2010
if someone cant understand this song. Well with all due respect " Ignorance is a bliss'' The song is almost devotional as it reveals a simple pleading like "meera" as an ideal. If you know what I mean
jayne1245 on November 04, 2010
@shrijiji i completely agree. everyone is obsessed with "love mera hit hit" to even realize what real music is or what real acting is. this is what bollywood was and look what it has become lyrical depth, no real composition...just a money making business and exploiting our culture...i am sorry but "dance pe chance" are not real music!!!
Lahoreumar on November 07, 2010
Time and tide waits for nobody. But the wording and rhythmical intensity of
this song is bred with sublime devotion which crosses the social borders of
rich and poor, man and woman, elitist and commoner. The sheer affection and
fondness of an intoxicated person to listen to the song carries a
mesmerizing effect for the audience, as well. Indeed some credit to Lata's
voice, also.
abhaygudi on November 19, 2010
kya dard he iss geet me... lataji ka aawaz.. composition... sab kuch.. lafz phikhe padte hai kehne ko...
aron1601 on November 27, 2010
Can someone post that part of this song when Rajesh Khanna in his true blissfull ladhkadatey huay style says " Kya naam hai tumhara?"... Sharmila jee replies "Radha..". and Rajesh ji utters " Meera hona chahiye tha" the message is . ultimate devotion to .. the beloved regardless. Any way it's worth noticing the ada again
RAJESH SRIVASTAVA on December 07, 2010
Music and emotions at its purest form..
Ali KhAn on December 09, 2010
@TheAshvamedha Daru lagakay to hum bhi rajesh khanna banjatay hain boss :)
jis ne pi nahe whisky kismat phoot gaye viski :D
sayed fida hussain shah on December 30, 2010
Lata Ji has shown here once again her versatility of voice,how she balanced
her self with tunes its awesome experience to just hear that song
jpmind1234 on December 30, 2010
Kya aalap hai... brings tears to my eyes. Lataji gaa rahi ya amrit dhara
bah rahi hai.
cupidvogel on December 31, 2010
If possible, I would have been more intoxicated without the wine, Lata's voice is more than enough...
manashard on January 16, 2011
genius in all departments .. acting, music, lyrics, direction everything !
papapochu on January 16, 2011
Lata's voice is like a flowing stream in this song
mukulkamat20 on January 19, 2011
@TheAshvamedha Agreed completely Rajesh Kahanna although being a superstar,
was an amazing actorrr
Hamad Sheikh on January 27, 2011
All audiophiles are folks who are sitting on the front row listening to
Lata sing, just a few feet away. I suppose if Rajesh had a good audio
system, he would have done the same :) unless he was after more than just
the song. Very well sang and performed.
Rajesh R on January 29, 2011
This song has a strange power... a power to make you cry in happiness...
totally immersed in this melody of melodies..
TheVeiledmystery on January 31, 2011
this song is so heartbreakingly beautiful... thank u lata jee u bring comfort to so many shattered hearts...
mazhabutt on March 04, 2011
Why compare? are not all o them assets we can all b proud of and cherish these beautiful moments.
nitorveritas on March 27, 2011
Melody at its best. Rajesh khanna has indeed done some justice to this song. But if it had been Sanjeev kumar, he would have lived in the character.

Sanjeev kumar is most powerful in expressing subtle emotions,
SVK2016 on March 27, 2011
rajesh khanna is an actor who had shown his caliber upto those limits where
only few can reach . watch her movies especially - AMAR PREM , AVISHKAR,
ANAND, ARADHNA, DUSHMAN , and you ll come to know why he is called 1st
superstar of indian cinema ;;'... definitely it was far better than that of
srk n salllu n all AND >> contd.>>
SVK2016 on March 27, 2011
And yes he was the king of romance but he wsn't limited to romantic roles,
like most of the people think, on behalf of this you can watch his - NAMAK
HARAM- without any romantic play except of few minutes with rekha , ANAND-
even he had no heroin opposite to him,BAWARCHI - absolutely no romance
,ITTEFAQ- was completely a suspense thriller,AMARPREM was a sublime story
of immortal love not a hollow romance SAFAR- entirely different story
defining the uncertainity of life i,e called safar nAVTAAR
pratikaswalkar on March 28, 2011
Rajesh Khanna , Sharmila Tagore & lata Mangeshkar - these three makes this song unforgettable !!! The Best Song in indian history !!!!!!!!!!!!

raassa on March 30, 2011
@ doubt that sanjeev kumar was a brilliant actor but in this song and in this movie no other actor could do justice to such role than rajesh khana..specially in this song he has shown the peak by performing a role of a rich but emotionally unsatisfied person.always love to see this song rather than just listening..and offcourse well sung by lata
morrisonloving on April 13, 2011
and she is god darn better than any of the silly katrinas, deepikas or priyankas...whether it was a bikini or a sari...sharmila has always managed to look graceful and that grace is reflected in her acting as well :)
morrisonloving on April 13, 2011
@aron1601 Radha can u forget the famous dialogue- "Pushpa, i hate tears!" :)
MrRagbag on April 16, 2011
@TheAshvamedha Agree with you, Rajesh Khanna has really acted
magnificently. The real Super Star unlike media made and self proclaimed
badshahs and kings of today
aatayyab on April 17, 2011
Night keeps on passing Evening does not arrive Can't fall asleep Forgot the
evening The promise of evening With lamp, Radha is awake Which other woman
stopped your way? Which envious woman are you eying? Stomped by longing to
be with you I am the crazy one in love This body and heart stays thirsty
Water flows in the eyes
aatayyab on April 17, 2011
This is the English translation of the Hindi/Urdu lyrics. Pls. correct me
if I have translated them in a wrong way. Thanks. the actual lyrics
were; rainaa beetee jaaye, shaam naa aaye nindeeyaa naa aaye shaam ko
bhoolaa, shaam kaa waadaa sang diye ke jaage raadhaa kis sautan ne rokee
dagareeyaa kis bairan se laagee najareeyaa birahaa kee maaree
paremadiwaanee tan man pyaasaa aakhiyon mein paanee
aatayyab on April 17, 2011
Here is the English translation of the Urdu/Hindi lyrics; Night keeps on
passing Evening does not arrive Can't fall asleep Forgot the evening The
promise of evening With lamp, Radha is awake Which other woman stopped your
way? Which envious woman are you eying? Stomped by longing to be with you I
am the crazy one in love This body and heart stays thirsty Water flows in
the eyes
aatayyab on April 17, 2011
Sorry for posting it twice... I tried to post it like separating the
sentences but it seems Youtube comments technology sometimes works weird...
anyways, hope you enjoy not only the video, audio but also the translation
of these beautiful words which take my spirit so far away!!!
jjsadhana1984 on April 18, 2011
beautiful song, lata ji has jst put the life in this song by singing it.
its my all time favorite.. the feeling of the song not only touches the
heart but also the soul...
Shaktiraj Singh Gaharwar on April 23, 2011
@aatayyab Dear you translated shyam (Krishna in particular, lover in
general) as shaam (evening)
aatayyab on April 24, 2011
Thanks Shaky1996 for the Shyam help. Here's the corrected English
translation of Urdu/Hindi lyrics; Night keeps on passing My lover (Shyam)
did not arrive yet Can't fall asleep Shyam (her lover) forgot his own
promise With lamp burning through night Radha (herself) is still awake
Which other woman stopped your way? Which envious woman are you eying?
Stomped by longing to be with you I am the crazy one in love This body and
heart stays thirsty Water flows in the eyes
aatayyab on April 24, 2011
Although in the song, I did not hear the words about some other woman
stopping his way towards her but in lyrics spread all over internet,
there's a mention of that. So I translated it too. Hope it helps. Keep
loving :)
Joe Abram on April 29, 2011
guys... so, you all vote for Rajesh ji for acting in this song
scene?????.. but XCUSE ME... MY VOTE GOES FOR Sharmila ji..
MrRagbag on April 30, 2011
@fredfelosofar Why bring religion into this. Music and art has no religion.
There may be other important professions, but acting and arts bring out a
sensitive side in us, make us remember that we are feeling human beings
rather than money making machines satisfying basic instincts. And those who
do not like acting, do not have to watch acting and music videos.
Anupama Joshi on May 21, 2011
Magical lata and genius rd
Abhishek Shubham on July 19, 2011
aaj munni badnam gane filmfare jeet jate hai magar us waqt AMAR PREM ke
lajwab gane bhi R D Barman aur Lata ko award n dila sake. kitne talented
log hua karte the aur listener bhi acche gane sunte the. ab wo golden era
kabhi nahi aayega.
Abhishek Shubham on July 19, 2011
@RealKrishnaSoft well said
Sumita Sharma on August 14, 2011
R d b Sir & Lata Ji...aur on the top of that Rajesh Khana & Sharmila
T...How could it not be a hit one.thnx.
anshuparath on August 30, 2011
hats off 2 u 4 making the real sense of the wonderful song come before all of us!
Abhishek Shubham on August 31, 2011
@anshuparath that year(1971) bollywood got music like ANAD, CARAVAN, HARE
MEHBOOB KI MEHNDI, MERA NAAM JOKER, DUSHMAN and many more in a single year.
1971 best music director : shankar jaikishanmera naam joker best female
singer : aasha bhoslepiya tu ab to aaja, caravan 80s ke last tak bollywood
ko aise anmol kai songs every year milte the..magar aap 2000 ke baad ke
best albums le to gine chune hi milenge
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