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Comments on song "Rimjhim Gire Sawan, Sulag Sulag Jaye Man"
rajmanneth on November 03, 2007
Super song!
mbain85 on December 20, 2007
just like the song...
video is crap
man from philly on December 20, 2007
this is easily my favorite kishore kumar song.
chakibms on January 01, 2008
taking me to another world.what a song.
ramvyas on January 05, 2008
kishore at one of
his best
jigerjanu on January 12, 2008
all time favourite// great kishore
Muhammad Aamir on January 25, 2008
no doubt. kishore was diamond but lost not from our heart.
PEEYADAV on February 02, 2008
200 years from here people will forget AMITABH, SACHIN; or what so ever. BUT KISHORE DA is IMMORTAL
hvpmadhi on February 12, 2008
Look for song like this, sung by Lataji,Rafisaab,MukeshJi aur ashaji ,There are so meny of them if you find and play, and the song you like it will take you in another world for sure, Any old song will take you in another world.that's indian music.
visitash72 on February 12, 2008
u see, the words do not really match the video, accepted. but those days
songs were part of the films & had to fit themselves in, unlike 2day's films
roseangle on February 24, 2008
lol...the comments fight is so funny!
nehadash on March 01, 2008
really nice song ..which make you remember the one special in your life
queennikki01 on March 08, 2008
Beautiful and Classical too. Love this song so much. Old song reminices old memories.. Thax for this clip..
Muhammad Aamir on March 18, 2008
I really love this song. Kishore was fabulous & his was voice was so
mature. Thanks for upload.
imyloid on March 20, 2008
i cant get enough of this song... and the best thing is its on the best bollywood actor of all time.
debrahul2001a on March 22, 2008
one of the best kishore kumar's song
abbyroman on March 27, 2008
True! True, my friend. Subtlety was his biggest gift, it is a treat even now to watch Koshish, Aandhi, Parichay and Mausam. Even in Silsila he stole the show.
Amruta Kulkarni on March 30, 2008
good lyrics, music, voice everything is good. could have done better in
terms of direction of the song. well the pictirization with the harmonium
doesn't really suite the song. There is no harmonium in the actual audio.
lahore2vancouver on April 06, 2008
Very natural acting and well sung by graet Kishore,and very sweet tune.many
thanks.Sorry crown goes to giant Dilip kumar.
kaujoshi on April 07, 2008
I agree.but if you notice the harmonium is only there for the
"sur"..he isnt playing it at all except for getting the sur.
Commando303X on April 17, 2008
That's almost always the case in films, especially in Indian films.
gyanendrasinha on April 18, 2008
i love moushami chatterji. she is so sweet & so beautiful.
debgoogle on May 03, 2008
Great Song...the hum at the beginning of the song was kishoreda's improvisation. It was not there in the composition.
jhumroojhumroo on May 08, 2008
Awesome Song By Kishoreda !!!
anjumkha on May 12, 2008
What year is this movie

Is that Mahmood near Amitabh
qureshirah on May 23, 2008
Evergreen Bachchan! what a great role play!! So entertaining!!!
VIRASATWAJAH on May 23, 2008
looks like its really raining
VIRASATWAJAH on May 23, 2008
no its the driver of the film bombay to goa
rakesh baro on May 23, 2008
it's a tough song when you go high in the antara " boondein" , and hats off
to Kishore ji , he made it sound so easy with crystal clear the
CleopatraUK on May 31, 2008
Moushmi Chatterjee reminds me of Sonali Bendre. I think Sonali bears a resemblance to Moushmi
bruno30080 on May 31, 2008
beautiful song.thanks aarti for loading this
sukumar sinha on June 07, 2008
the movie released in 1974.the man near bigb is mehmood's brother
27rajesh on June 07, 2008
indeed.kudos 2 u'r tremendous observation
anjumkha on June 07, 2008
One of my favorite KK/RD songs.

Does any one have a midi file for this song. I want to extract notations from midi.

Best regards from New Jersey

Samit Deb on June 17, 2008
A very good song but may ba personal prefrence Lata did a better job . I
love both the versions but more inclined towards that
jivaldo1969 on June 22, 2008
Deadly combination..Kishor da and R.D Burman. My god, they gave so many clasic hits together. I am one of the lucky ones who met both of them in concert(i was 14) in Dubai. the best night in my life...
kapzz24 on June 22, 2008
boss you are real lucky to meet them i envy you, kapil sharma nov 5, 1981
Commando303X on June 23, 2008
I prefer this rendition, but, both are great.
CleopatraUK on June 26, 2008
Thanks Rajesh for your compliment
alakanandaa on July 04, 2008
lovely song!!! such a blessing to have had such wonderful composers, especially when you see most (not all ) of todays's songs. thanks for uploading this.
debanjan nag on July 05, 2008
Man!! What a superb combination!! PanchamDa's one of many great
compositions in KishoreDa's rich, immortal voice in the back ground with
Amitabh's handsome look and Moushumi's ravishing smile. One of my most
favorite melodic numbers that I sing in all occasions. Thanks for uploading.
vpanwar on July 05, 2008
kishore kumar at his best, the best ever indian singer .. he is a legend
rdburmanA1 on July 14, 2008
A deadly combination-Kishorda's meludious voice,RD's great music,fine acting by Bachchan,Moushumi to beatify the background.
Such songs are made once in lifetime!
ravi435 on July 16, 2008
Legendary Kishore Ji's voice makes me move to new worlds.Moushumi Chatterjee looks like Sonali Bendre.
disprol on July 19, 2008
great great great song... cant stop listening to it
m2sbsahib on August 06, 2008
Oh Kishore!!!!
mrsvp89 on August 22, 2008
Love you Kishoreda, there is noone like you & never will be. AB & KK are definatley irreplacable.
mtmraj on August 23, 2008
I could only feel Kishore thru'out the song. He was simply overpowering the song.The rest are just audience.Thanks for posting.
honeyhalepoto on September 03, 2008
do any1 knw who had writen this song .. i mean lyricist ... heart stealing poetry ..
aarti4628 on September 03, 2008
Singer: Kishore Kumar Music Director: Burman R D Lyrics: Yogesh
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